GM Recommended Reading: Batman-Death of the Family

Scott Snyder brings us another addition to Batman’s New 52 run, and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Death of the Family is an intense and horrific graphic novel that questions the very meaning of Batman. 

Basic Plot 

Joker is back, but with a whole new look. He has severed his own face off and now wears it as a mask. Batman encounters real trouble when he discovers that Joker has also changed the tricks up his sleeve. There is a reason Joker did this to himself. There is a reason for his new schemes, and Batman intendeds to find out. 


Greg Capullo displays his talent for great action artwork while also giving something new to the readers. His designs of Joker’s face/mask are gruesome enough to give Joker a different horror aesthetic that hasn’t been seen before. 


Scott Snyder returns with his well developed plot and character development, but he also changes things up a bit. He uses this story to ask about what makes Bruce Wayne Batman and how Joker views the world around him. This comic also does a terrific job at defining the relationship of Batman and Joker from both of their perspectives. 


Death of the Family is just as much Joker’s story as it is Batman’s. It puts meaning behind their rivalry and provokes thought as to who these characters really are. 


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