John Barrowman Is Open To Returning To The Arrowverse

Heroic Hollywood reported that John Barrowman has said he would love to return to the Arrowverse. Barrowman plays the Dark Archer also known as Malcolm Merlyn, who has been in every season of the Arrowverse.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow producer Marc Guggenheim had this to say about Barrowman returning to the Arrowverse.

“That’s up to John. We told John when we called him to tell him about the events of the finale, every single person on all the shows has come back in some shape or form. We’ve got flashbacks, we’ve got time travel, we’ve got parallel universes. Goodbye is never goodbye. He has an open invitation to return to the show any time he wants.”

Barrowman’s response can be seen on Instagram below:

Spoiler Alert For Arrow Season 5!

It was previously mentioned that he would have no role in the universe next year. Malcolm played a vital role in most seasons of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow season 2. Merlyn “died” in the Arrow Season 5 finale, but we didn’t see the body, so he could very well be alive. Would you like to see Merlyn return to the Arrowverse? If so, for which show?

Sources: Heroic Hollywood

Written by Neil Sharma

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