Cyborg: New Character Details And Standalone Movie Confirmation

New character elements have been revealed about Cyborg in a recent interview with the actor of said character’s father played by Joe Morton. According to him, Victor Stone/Cyborg holds some resentment towards his father, Dr. Silas Stone, which will be explored upon in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Victor holds said resentment towards his father due to him turning Victor into, essentially, a monster. He’s pissed at his father because even though he saved his life, he now looks like a monster. He says Cyborg has no alias, nothing to hide behind, no secret identity to live a normal life. He can never be just another person in the room, he’ll always look different, be different.

So what I think is great about that idea is you begin, in a metaphoric way, sort of talking about what it means to be “the other” in society. Even if you have something tremendous to contribute to society, the first thing that most social situations will do is ostracize you because you look different because they don’t know who or what you are. So I think that’s a big deal in this film for that character, and for Silas, and makes for interesting film making.
 – Joe Morton

The standalone movie for Cyborg didn’t show up at the DC comic-con line-up, but Joe says that as far as he knows it’s still going to happen. The movie according to him should start around 2020. The actor has signed a 3 movie contract and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was the first, Justice League Will be the second, and the standalone Cyborg movie is to be the third.


Written by: Krit Jain
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