Katie Cassidy Hopes Black Siren Can Meet White Canary

When Black Siren was introduced in The Flash season 2, many wondered if we would see her meet the friends and family of her Earth 1 counterpart who died. We got our wish in Arrow Season 5, but there is still one character who hasn’t met Black Siren yet, Sara Lance.

Sara was busy aboard the Waverider on Legends of Tomorrow but she, along with the Legends, will return to present day to help The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl and others defeat a bigger threat. Many wonder if she could meet the doppelgänger of her beloved sister, Black Siren. Katie Cassidy has some things to say about this as reported by Heroic Hollywood. When asked about the sisters meeting she said this:

“Absolutely. I love working with Caity Lotz. I said to Marc [Guggenheim], ‘is this possible even for Earth-2 Laurel to come face to face with [Earth-1] Laurel? What’s that like?’ That’s something really interesting and cool. I hope they do it. There’s an opportunity in the crossovers for that to happen.”

Katie Cassidy will be a regular in season 6 of Arrow, so it isn’t unlikely that they’d meet up in the four night crossover.

Arrow returns for season 6 on October 12, 9 p.m EST on The CW.

Sources: Heroic Hollywood

Written by Neil Sharma

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