MCU Netflix Recap

April 10, 2015 was a day that will live forever. Not for any political reasons, but due to the world’s introduction to Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Merely a year after that, we dove deeper into the dark world of New York City’s vigilantes. Jessica Jones introduced us to the witty private investigator as well as the impenetrable man known as Luke Cage. Following the success of Jones’ first season, Cage was given his own show, which led audiences to an Iron Fist show. Among these four series, only Daredevil has released a second season. Now, with second seasons announced for the other three shows and The Defenders premiering later this week, here is a recap of Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

QUICK RECAP: Daredevil fights Kingpin and wins, but not without personal losses for his team. Jessica Jones then takes the stage as she battles her former captor, the mind-controlling Kilgrave. We quickly jump back to Daredevil, who finds himself going toe-to-toe with the Punisher, the Yakuza, and the Hand, again, defeating the bad guys with the help of Punisher, but not without more personal losses, such as the end of Nelson and Murdock. After being introduced in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage gets his own show, where we learn the past of the invincible man (an experiment gone wrong) and watch as he battles Shades, Cottonmouth, Diamondback, and Mariah Dilard for control of Harlem. Finally, we have Iron Fist, which follows Danny Rand as he fights the Hand as Iron Fist, sworn enemy of the Hand.



Daredevil season one launched this amazing journey, pitting the titular character against none other than Kingpin himself. Portrayed by Charlie Cox, Daredevil introduced audiences to a New York City after “The Incident” (the final battle of 2012’s The Avengers), where Hell’s Kitchen was run by local thugs, including the Yakuza and Kingpin. Daredevil, initially “The Man in Black,” began taking matters into his own hands at night as a masked vigilante. During the day, however, the blind lawyer ran a law firm with his best friend Foggy Nelson.

Introducing us to characters such as Karen Page, Ben Urich, and Claire Temple, Daredevil takes the audience on a thrilling ride through the underworld of Hell’s Kitchen. Starting us off with the defense of Karen Page, the first season of Daredevil explores the criminal enterprise by Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, initially unnamed as Wesley’s employer. The mysterious Wesley, however, seems to be doing the bidding of his master, as he gathers Russians, Chinese, and Japanese crime bosses together to discuss business.

Suffering horrendous wounds after an attempt to save a young boy taken by the Russians Anatoly and Vladimir, Murdock collapses in a dumpster. Found by Claire Temple, a night nurse at a local hospital, Murdock is nursed back to health. However, the Russians are searching for him, and show up at Temple’s apartment door. When they ask about Murdock, Claire lies, but isn’t believed, leading to a fight between the Russians and an injured Daredevil. He comes out victorious, however, and escapes, but not without the Russians looking far and wide to find him.

In need of a lawyer for one of Fisk’s assassins, however, Wesley approaches Nelson and Murdock to defend the obvious criminal. Taking on the case to learn more about Wesley’s employer, Murdock begins searching for anything he can find on Wesley’s employer.. Coming up empty, however, he turns to his nighttime antics to interrogate the assassin he just finished defending. After revealing Fisk and Wesley’s employer, the assassin chooses to take his own life instead of facing the consequences of his actions. Matt then turns his search to anything on Wilson Fisk, who seems to be a ghost.

Meanwhile, Fisk takes a beautiful art gallery curator, Vanessa Marianna, on a date. The date is interrupted, however, by Anatoly. Anatoly was trying to inform Fisk of a failed attempt to gain The Man in Black’s name from Temple and that they wished to accept Fisk’s offer to work together. In a bloody and deadly act of revenge for ruining the evening, Fisk repeatedly slams Anatoly’s head between a car door and the car itself. Fisk then calls a meeting of his cohorts, and asks Madame Gao for a favor.

Foggy and Matt take on the eviction case of Elena, and while researching complaints about the landlord, Armand Tulely, Matt realizes that two detectives are actually corrupt. He hears them kill a Russian, while Fisk orders someone to tell Vladimir, Anatoly’s brother, that Fisk had killed Anatoly. In response, Vlad garners soldiers as he prepares for a full-scale war with Fisk. Daredevil shows up, however, right before corrupt officers surround the Russian forces. Murdock takes them all out before they can execute Fisk’s orders to kill Vladimir, and alerts a clean cop of his and Vladimir’s location.

The cop, not knowing of the corrupt officers, calls in the report, and both corrupt and non-corrupt officers arrive to once again surround Daredevil and Vladimir. Unhappy with the situation, however, Fisk orders a corrupt police sniper to fire on clean officers, making it look like Daredevil is responsible. Deciding to sacrifice himself so Matt can escape, Vladimir reveals that a man named Leland Owlsley Fisk’s accountant for all his illegal happenings, hoping Matt can avenge Anatoly. Once he leaves, Murdock begins tracking down the accountant, but his former master, Stick, gets in the way.

Stick convinces Matt to help defeat a Japanese weapon, Black Sky, that is being brought into New York City. Matt’s one condition, however, is that Stick does not kill, and he agrees. Once they face Nobu, the leader of the Japanese, however, Stick breaks his promise and kills Black Sky. Black Sky, unbeknown to Stick and Daredevil, is a young boy. Stick, after a fight with Daredevil following the killing, is forced from New York City.

Following the death of Black Sky, Owlsley and Nobu become angered with Fisk. Gao, on the other hand, seems to be unaffected, and informs Fisk that he must regain control of the situation. All of this infuriates Wilson Fisk, who tells Vanessa of his abusive father and how he killed his father. Vanessa then convinces him to go public with his plan to “save” the city, which in turn renders all the evidence found by Matt and Urich useless.

Following Fisk’s announcement, Matt attempts to learn more about Fisk by visiting Vanessa, however, he finds himself face-to-face with none other than Wilson Fisk. Fisk then purchases a city block to fulfill a promise to Nobu. The block is where Cardenas lives, and she is one of a few tenants who stand in the way of Nobu getting the block. In return for the block, Nobu acts as a specialist for Fisk. Nobu is tasked with destroying Daredevil. Fisk then has Cardenas killed by a drug addict, and upon finding out this information, Matt goes after Fisk. Nobu, unfortunately, stands between Kingpin and Daredevil, and after a ferocious fight, is accidentally set aflame and burns to death. Matt didn’t escape unharmed, however, and he makes his way back home. Waiting for him is none other than Foggy, who is there without Matt knowing, as he passes out from his injuries.

Claire Temple then comes to tend to the injured vigilante, Foggy and Matt talk about Matt’s blindless and nighttime activities. Matt talks about his first night as a vigilante, and says that since then, he hasn’t been able to stop as he improved the city when the police could not. Foggy, feeling betrayed, leaves Nelson and Murdock, while Urich decides to end his investigation into Fisk and Union Allied. Karen attempts to change his mind by taking him to visit Fisk’s mother while Fisk attends a party, where a number of guests, including Vanessa, are poisoned.

Still healing from his wounds, Matt finds Melvin Potter. Potter, who is mentally unwell, has been creating armor for Fisk. When Daredevil approaches him about Potter making a suit of his own, the two strike a deal. Potter will stop producing for Fisk and instead help protect Matt, and in return, Matt will keep Potter and his girlfriend/wife safe from anyone looking to hurt them.

Wesley then gets a call from Fisk’s mother, telling him of Karen and Ben’s visit. Fisk, however, refuses to abandon Vanessa while she recovers in the hospital. Wesley takes it upon himself to kidnap Karen and torture her. Fisk finally calls Wesley, and when the phone rings, Karen has just enough time to kill Wesley while he is distracted. Murdock then uses Urich’s information, finds Madame Gao, who escapes and decides to return to China. Fisk’s men then find Wesley, who last talked to Fisk’s mother. Trying to keep his loved ones safe, he attempts to send his mother and Vanessa away until the Daredevil mess is cleared up. His mother goes, as she is unable to recall what the conversation with Wesley was about, however, Vanessa refuses to leave Wilson and stays with him.

Karen convinces Urich to write the full story of Fisk’s mother and his illegal activities, however, Urich’s editor refuses to publish the work. Urich accuses his editor of being on Fisk’s payroll, and finds himself out of a job, and instead starts a blog to share Fisk’s story. Fisk’s true informant at the Bulletin informs Fisk that Urich visited his mother, and, in a moment of pure anger, Fisk breaks into Urich’s apartment and murders the man himself.

In the final chapter of Daredevil’s first season, the Karen and Matt attend Urich’s funeral. Ben’s killer, however, learns that Gao and Owlsley poisoned Vanessa in an attempt to kill her. Owlsley also was hiding one of Fisk’s dirty cops as a form of leverage, and upon pulling his supposed trump card, Fisk kills Owlsley. Murdock then dons the Daredevil costume once more to find the dirty cop and convinces him to testify in court against Wilson Fisk. He agrees, and while Fisk attempts to leave the city, Daredevil confronts him in a vicious fight. After coming out on top, Daredevil leaves Fisk for the officers to arrest. Vanessa leaves New York City, and the trio from Nelson and Murdock celebrate their victory against the Kingpin.


After that wonderful installment of the MCU came Jessica Jones. This next saga of the MCU follows the first female hero to have her own franchise as she navigates the MCU and her fight against Kiglrave, a.k.a. the Purple Man. Starring Krysten Ritter, the titular character starts her career off as an alcoholic private investigator. With the powers of super strength and flight, Jones debuts by delivering a subpoena to a club owner on behalf of Jeri Hogarth. Her non-business activities include, as previously mentioned, drinking heavily and spying on Luke Cage, a local bar owner. She goes into the bar and is offered a “Ladies Night” promotion, where she drinks for free. The two then become intimate, but Jones leaves Cage’s place after finding a photo of a woman.

The P.I. is then approached by a couple who are looking for their missing daughter. The Shlottman family simply wants their daughter back, and after finding that the girl is with Jones’ former kidnapper, she takes on the case. The man, Kilgrave, is capable of controlling minds, as he once controlled Jessica’s mind, leaving her suffering from PTSD. Jones’ decision to take the case, however, is not simple, as she initially wishes to run away before Kilgrave finds her. Trish Walker, Jones’ foster sister and friend, convinces her otherwise. She then finds the Shlottman girl, but Kilgrave is still controlling her, and forces her to kill her parents in cold blood as they try to take her home.

After the killing of Barbara and Bob Shlottman, Jones is investigated by Detective Oscar Clemons. During his investigation, Clemons finds photos of Cage that Jones took. Needing to explain them away, Jones tells a story where she was hired by the husband of a woman who Cage had previously slept with. Not knowing she was married, Cage confronts the woman, whose husband and his friends later attack Cage at his bar. Finding he has impenetrable skin, however, the men quickly lose their fight.

Meanwhile, Hogarth agrees to defend Hope Shlottman on the condition that Jones can prove Kilgrave is a real person. Tracking down the ambulance driver who picked up Kilgrave after Jones left him to die, the driver reveals he gave both kidneys to save Kilgrave, and also gives up the doctor who conducted the operation. The doctor then agrees to testify for Hope, and also reveals he operated on Kilgrave without anesthesia, because knocking him out would hinder his mind-controlling capabilities. Hogarth then meets with Hope, who tells Hogarth that Jones was under the control of Kilgrave at one point in her life, as well.

Jones then goes out to find a strong anesthetic to use on Kilgrave, while Hogarth divorces her wife to be with her secretary, Pam. She then has Walker, a radio show host, interview Hope about her experience with Kilgrave, in the hopes of protecting her reputation as a reputable lawyer. Trish ends the interview asking anyone who knows of or was controlled by Kilgrave to step forward and contact Hogarth. Kilgrave then sends Sergeant Will Simpson to kill Trish, and Jones uses her newfound anesthetic on Trish to convince Simpson that he completed his task. She then follows Simpson back to Kilgrave, who orders him to walk off the building’s roof. Jones knock him out before he jumps, and carries him to the ground below, convincing him she caught him before he hit the ground. Jones then searches Kilgrave’s house to find an entire room full of photos of herself.

After searching the house, Jessica takes Audrey Eastman’s case to find out if her husband is cheating on her. The jewelry designer has Jones follow her husband to where he meets his girlfriend, only to walk into a trap set by Audrey. Eastman blames powered people for the death of her mother during “The Incident,” and plans to rid the world of Jones. Jones recalls the story of her own parents’ deaths, convincing Eastman to free her and leave her be. Jones then works with Hogarth to form a support group of those truly affected by Kilgrave, while Simpson attempts to apologize to Trish, and they form a friendship. Jones then finds that her drug addict neighbor, Malcolm Ducasse, is spying on her for Kiglrave, and is the source of the photos she found.

Jessica then struggles over what to do with Malcolm while Trish and Simpson begin a relationship. Simpson, using special forces knowledge and contacts, helps Jones capture Kilgrave using the anesthetic. During the kidnapping, however, the duo are attacked by Kilgrave’s bodyguards, who escape with Kilgrave. Jones then decides to help Malcolm overcome his addictions.

After escaping and winning a poker game thanks to his powers, Kilgrave purchases Jones’ childhood house. Kilgrave has an inmate to beat Hope, who then admits she is pregnant with Kilgrave’s child to Jones. Jessica then gives Hope an abortion pill, and Hogarth secretly (and creepily) takes the remains of the fetus. Meanwhile, Cage approaches Jones with a case; help him find the brother of someone tied to the death of Cage’s wife, Reva Connors. Looking for a box with instructions left behind by Reva, Jones remembers Kilgrave once forcing her to dig up a box after having Connors lead them to it. They then find the brother, who gives them a file of the bus driver who accidentally hit Kilgrave. Cage has a feeling the same driver hit his wife, and wants revenge, seeing that the driver was drunk during the accident. Jones then confesses to Cage that Kilgrave had her kill Reva, and Cage leaves Jessica behind, feeling betrayed she kept that secret from him.

Drunk, Jones confronts Hogarth’s soon-to-be ex-wife to convince her to sign the divorce papers. In the process, however, Jessica almost kills her, and she refuses to sign. Malcolm then helps her home, where the two find Jones’ neighbor Ruben dead. Knowing it was Kilgrave, Jessica devises a plan to get herself locked up in a supermax prison to capture Kilgrave’s powers on camera when he inevitably comes for her. Meanwhile, Trish and Simpson come up with a plan of their own, where Simpson tails Kilgrave’s security detail. When Kilgrave takes over the precinct where Jones is confessing to Ruben’s murder, he professes his love for her and takes her back to her childhood home. Simpson watches from a distance while Jessica willingly enters her old home with Kilgrave.

After spending several days living with her former captor, Jones secretly steals Simpson’s phone while he comes in the house to plant a bomb. Jones then tells Kilgrave about the bomb in order to keep him alive until Hope is no longer in prison. Kilgrave then shows Jessica a video of his parents experimenting on him, ultimately giving him his abilities. Jones then convinces Kilgrave to save several people, showing him good can come of his powers. She then uses a distraction to render his powers and conscious useless, and flies away with him as Simpson falls victim to his own bomb, after Kilgrave leaves it with a neighbor for him.

Trish quickly finds Simpson, who she rushes to the nearby hospital. There, Simpson insists on only being seen by Dr. Kozlov, who is from his life in the military. Kozlov arrives, giving him pills that heal his wounds, almost like a miracle. Meanwhile, Jones shuts Kilgrave in a specially sealed room given to her by Simpson. Her plan, extremely devious, is to torture Kilgrave until he shows his power on camera. Hogarth arrives to warn Jones that her actions will ruin Hope’s case if they continue. Jessica then goes to Hope, who was offered a deal, and convinces her not to take it. She then learns the names of Kilgrave’s parents, and realizes that his mother is part of the support group set up by her and Hogarth. She then convinces Kilgraves parents to confront their son, and also convinces Clemons to come see Kilgrave as a witness to his powers. Kilgrave’s mother attempts to kill Kilgrave, but her plan backfires, and he escapes as Jessica saves his father.

Kidnapping Hogarth, Kilgrave forces her to take him to see a doctor, but she takes her to see her ex-wife. Hoping that Kilgrave will force her to sign the divorce papers, Hogarth instead finds that her ex-wife is forced to kill her with one thousand cuts. Hogarth’s secretary arrives and kills Hogarth’s ex-wife before she can fulfill her orders. Kilgrave’s father tells Jones that his powers are a virus that is released when used, and that a vaccine could hypothetically reverse the powers. That vaccine could be created from Jessica’s blood, since she is the only one supposedly to resist Kilgrave.

Simpson, under the control of Kozlov’s drugs, sets out to kill Kilgrave. While confronting Clemons, who was guarding the evidence needed to sentence Kilgrave, Simpson kills him and destroys the evidence. He then finds Trish, who sends him away, and is able to steal some of his pills away from him as he leaves. Kilgrave then gets hope released, only to try to trade her for his father. After the exchange, Hope then kills herself after realizing the extent of her actions under Kilgrave’s control. This death, unfortunate as it is in Jessica Jones’ world, clears the path for Jones to then kill the Purple Man.

The audience learns more about Jessica’s past as she recalls waking up after the car accident that took the rest of her family away from her. Soon after, Trish’s step mother adopts the sole survivor of the crash in a publicity stunt to garner more fame for Trish, known for her role as the fictitious Patsy. Shortly thereafter, Jones learned of her powers. She then goes on in present time to cover up Hope’s death, before searching local morgues to find Kilgrave’s father. She then stumbles upon Clemons’ body, and realizes that Simpson, and not Kilgrave, killed the detective. Simpson then confronts Jones in her apartment, and, while injured, defeats her until Trish shows up and takes Simpson’s pills to help knock Simpson unconscious. Kilgrave then warns Jones that he has found Cage, and she arrives at his bar just in time to see it explode with him inside.

Surviving the explosion, Cage tells Jessica Kilgrave forced him to blow up his bar. Meanwhile, Trish finds out that a company named IGH employs the mysterious Kozlov, and also paid for Jessica’s medical bills after the fatal crash during her childhood. It is then revealed that Kilgrave is keeping his father alive in order to improve his abilities. During their search for Kilgrave, the two rekindle their friendship, but the two find out Kilgrave was controlling Cage the entire time, and he unleashes Cage’s full power on Jessica, and escapes during the ensuing fight. Police arrive, and Jones stops Cage by shooting a shotgun round at his head.

The unconscious Cage is treated by none other than Claire Temple, while Jessica tracks down Kilgrave. Kilgrave was unhappy with the results of his father’s experiment, who was using the remains of the fetus Hogarth previously took from Hope. His father believes a full dose taken from the remains would make Kilgrave more powerful; powerful enough to control Jessica. Jones, however, tracks down Kilgrave using Cage’s phone, and watches Kilgrave’s father die. Kilgrave then takes Trish hostage at a yacht where Jessica confronts him. Jones allows him to do so, and, believing he can control her once more, he commands her to tell him she loves him. Instead of saying it to Kilgrave, Jessica says it to Trish, and then proceeds to snap Kilgrave’s neck, and is then arrested for the murder. Luckily, Hogarth is able to get Jessica out of jail, and Jessica winds up with more potential clients than ever before.


Following the events of Jessica Jones, The Man without Fear starts his antics back up in Daredevil season two. Much like the first season, Daredevil takes the audience on an incredible ride with amazing character development arcs and great action sequences. This time around, Charlie Cox shares the screen with not just one, but two other “heroes” as The Punisher and Elektra make their way into Matt’s busy life. By far the best season of Marvel Netflix MCU, Daredevil season two ensures that no one leaves Netflix dissatisfied.

With the greatest opener out there, we find Hell’s Kitchen facing a power struggle as other gangs try to fill the void left behind by the departure of Fisk, the Russians, Chinese, the Yakuza, and others. While having a meeting to discussing just this, the Irish Mob is ambushed by an unknown group, who are never seen on-screen. Bullets fly in and out of the Irish’s dining hall while one by one the mobsters fall. Finally, only one remains, and he runs for it, making his way to Nelson and Murdock’s favorite bar. Sensing him, Matt approaches Grotto, who asks for help. Matt then takes him on as a client, and Karen Page takes Grotto to the hospital. Not through with him yet, however, the group who took out the Irish Mob finds him at the hospital to finish the job. The only thing is, it’s only one man; The Punisher. After running from the hospital with Karen in tow, Grotto makes it to a car as Page drives away. Daredevil confronts Punisher on a rooftop near the hospital as Frank attempts to shoot Grotto while he is driving away with Page in the car. Daredevil and Punisher fight, and when it seems Daredevil is the winner, Frank pulls a gun and shoots Daredevil in the head.

Foggy finds Matt the following morning, with Matt suffering from a severe headache and his senses not working as well as normal. Foggy then tries to get witness protection for Grotto from DA Reyes, but it will only work if Grotto wears a wire and reaches out to an old drug dealer friend. Meanwhile, Matt’s condition improves, and he approaches Melvin Potter about fixing his mask. Potter gives him a temporary fix so Daredevil can go back out again that night, but will take some time to work on a new helmet for him. He then goes to the Irish Mob’s crime scene, where he learns their dog is missing. He tracks the dog to a nearby apartment only to find that Punisher had been listening to DA Reyes’ operation with Grotto. Karen and Foggy realize during Punisher’s attack that Reyes always intended for the operation to be a trap for Punisher, and Daredevil arrives while police snipers fire at Punisher. The two vigilantes fight it out while Grotto escapes and Murdock once again loses the fight, and is rendered unconscious.

Punisher takes Matt up to the roof of an apartment building, and chains him to a chimney. Daredevil begs the Punisher to stop the killing, but Punisher refuses. Punisher insists his work is necessary, since when Daredevil puts away a criminal, they get back out but when Frank does, they stay down for good. Punisher then brings Grotto out, and tries to force Daredevil into shooting him. Finally, Grotto tells a story of how he was sent to kill a man, but an old woman was also home, so he killed her, too, to keep out the possibility of witnesses. Daredevil, angered by this story, still refuses to kill Grotto, so Punisher does it instead. All the while, Daredevil had the option to also kill Punisher, but he again refused to. Instead, Daredevil shoots his chains right as Punisher shoots Grotto, and another fight ensues. Trying to comfort Grotto, Daredevil is preoccupied just long enough for Punisher to attack the Dogs of Hell Motorcycle Club right next door. Daredevil knocks out Punisher, and then fights his way, in one amazing fight scene, through all the Dogs of Hell members who try to kill him on his way down to the ground level of the building.

A new Irishman comes to New York; Finn Cooley. He’s the father of one of the boys killed by the Punisher, and swears his revenge. He finds the Punisher’s apartment, and begins trying to find him. Karen also begins to investigate the Punisher, starting with files given to her by the ADA, and finds that he was once a father, and was even shot in the head. There was a cover up involving the death of Castle’s family, and signs seem to point back to DA Reyes. Meanwhile, Cooley finds Punisher and ruthlessly tortures him to give up the location of a bag of cash he took from the Irish Mob. Castle finally escapes, and brutally murders his captor, when Daredevil shows up, offering him help out of where they are. He convinces Punisher not to kill, and when they finally get clear of the area, Daredevil calls in their location to have Punisher arrested.

We go back in time to watch Foggy and Matt crash a fancy party, where we are introduced to Elektra Natchios. The duo bonds over their love of adrenaline rushes, and eventually end up breaking into the house of Roscoe Sweeney, the man who had Matt’s father killed. Giving him the option to kill Sweeney, Elektra leaves when Matt decides to call the police and turn him in. Presently, Elektra returns to New York asking for Matt’s help with the Roxxon Energy Corporation. He refuses, but spies on her meeting to learn she bugged their system, and later confronts her about Sweeney, and she manipulates him into helping her as she brings his Daredevil costume along and allows the Yakuza to track them to her apartment.

The two defeat their attackers, but ponder the reason the Yakuza are back. Elektra believes their return signifies something big going on in New York, and Matt agrees to continue helping her with her search into their activities. Meanwhile, Nelson and Murdock, feeling Frank Castle’s public defender is not competent enough to defend Punisher, decide to take the case on themselves. Murdock then proceeds to go to a Roxxon Corporation gala with Elektra, and Frank pleads not guilty at his arraignment after agreeing to plea guilty. This moves his trial date up to the following week.

Busy with his help for Elektra, Matt shows up late to the first day of the trial. However, the law firm is unable to claim PTSD, so they take the angle of his family’s murderers slipping through the cracks of the judicial system. They then prepare to examine the coroner who falsified the reports of the Castle family, and when the time comes to question him, he decides to come clean and his testimony is stricken from the record. The coroner claims a woman, fitting the description of Elektra, visited him and forced him to tell the truth. When Matt comes clean to Foggy about his involvement with Elektra, Foggy gets angered and their friendship seemingly ends. Matt then confront Elektra, but then searches an abandoned warehouse linked the Yakuza with her, only to find a giant hole in the ground.

Ninjas then attack Elektra and Daredevil, only to be saved by their former mentor, Stick. The trio makes it safely back to Matt’s apartment, where it is revealed that Elektra still works for Stick, and that Elektra was cut by a poisoned blade. Matt runs around his apartment looking for the needed materials for Stick to heal Elektra. Stick then tells Matt of the Chaste and the war that has been going on for centuries between the Chaste and the Hand. Matt then says he will continue to help Elektra if she stops killing and turns away from Stick and his war. She agrees at the time.

Meanwhile, the jury seems to sway in Castle’s favor. Frank randomly begins yelling when brought to the stand, and tells everyone he loves killing at that is why he does it. Matt is blamed by his friends for the failed trial, before later that night being attacked by a lone ninja with Elektra. Elektra murders the ninja, and Castle is sent to prison, only to be brought to a meeting with Fisk.

During their meeting, Fisk offers Frank the chance to kill the man believed to be responsible for fostering the deal that ended up with his family dead. The death, as Fisk puts it, will mutually benefit the two men. In one of the best cinematic fight scenes ever created, Punisher enters the man’s cell block, kills the man, and is locked back inside by the guards as all the other inmates are let loose from their cells. He then fights his way through all of the inmates, leaving none alive, before a riot squad is brought in to tame Castle. Only then is the Punisher bested. Fisk then arranges for Castle to escape, realizing the potential he could have against his enemies. While this goes on, Nelson and Murdock end the firm, and Karen continues her investigation into the Castle case. She uncovers that there was another person whose death was covered up from the deal gone wrong; an undercover cop. It turns out that the deal was a sting operation. Murdock, out as Daredevil, investigates a Hand facility known as the Farm. While there, he encounters Nobu, who he believed had burned alive at the end of last season.

Rescuing children who are being cultivated as human incubators, Daredevil asks Detective Mahoney to take the kids quietly to Claire Temple for their treatment. The following morning, Reyes brings in the Nelson and Murdock employees to find out if they know anything. While there, the group is shot up supposedly by Punisher, after learning that Reyes was behind the failed sting operation that cost the Castle family their lives. Murdock then visits Fisk in prison, which solidifies a hunch that Kingpin is behind Castle’s escape. Castle then saves Karen from another attack by the unidentified shooter, showing the audience that someone else is behind Reyes’ killing. At the hospital, the children seemingly revolt as the Hand comes in and takes them away, without Daredevil, who shows up in the middle of this, able to stop them.

The kids then willingly drain their blood into the chemical they were cultivating, which leads into some ancient machine. During autopsies of the killed Hand members, it is revealed that they previously had autopsies performed on them, and the hospital chooses to cover this matter up. Claire quits her job in a fit of rage, and Castle meets with Karen. Their meeting ends with Punisher beating the location of the Blacksmith out of the men who attack the two. Daredevil then visits the ADA, who gives him some information pertaining to a competitor of Blacksmith’s operating out of Chinatown. Daredevil goes to the place to come face to face with Madame Gao, who sends him to the pier. There, Castle is attacking a boat, and tries to kill someone pretending to be Blacksmith. Daredevil puts an end to that, and the boat explodes, with Castle presumed dead. Stick, learning that Elektra killed an agent sent to kill her, prepares for her to come for him next.

Stick is finally confronted by Elektra, where he claims he regrets never being able to “tame” her. Daredevil intervenes before the two of them can kill each other, but the Hand swoops in and kidnaps Stick in the confusion. Karen, during all of this, decides to write an article for the New York Bulletin, where she says there was more to Punisher than simply killing; there was a man behind that facade. During her investigation, she interviews Castle’s former commanding officer, but realizes in the midst of the interview that he is Blacksmith. Luckily for her, Castle arrives in time to save her from Blacksmith killing her, and instead, Punisher kills his former CO.

On the hunt for Stick, Matt and Elektra find him as the captive of Nobu, and he claims that Black Sky is and always has been Elektra. Tempted by the Hand’s offers of power, Elektra is convinced by Daredevil to choose her own path and she instead saves Stick. Foggy, who has been quiet the past few episodes, joins Jeri Hogarth’s law firm.

Stick hides out at Matt’s apartment while the Hand attacks a police station in a search for information on Daredevil. They take hostages; everyone Daredevil ever saved. Turk Barrett is also a hostage, who is on house arrest, and he turns back on his ankle monitor for the police to track. They wind up at a warehouse, where Daredevil and Elektra weigh their options for attack. Deciding on entering to save the hostages, they fight off the Hand members and prepare for a final stand on the rooftop. While there, dozens of Hand soldiers come out of the shadows, ready to kill the duo. Luckily, Punisher shows up and begins picking off the Hand, but Elektra is still killed in the brawl. Stick then beheads Nobu, and talks with Matt about the death of Elektra. Stick claims that his “no attatchments” rule is flawed. Matt then reveals to Karen that he is Daredevil, and the season ends with a shot of Elektra’s body being put in the ancient machine seen earlier.


After his introduction in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage leaves New York City. At the start of his own series, however, Cage has left his bar behind and taken up a job as a sweeper at a former gangster’s barber shop and a dishwasher at a local night club. The club is owned by Cornell Stokes, a.k.a. Cottonmouth. The person Cage is filling in for, Dante, is robbing an arms deal between Stokes’ men and Domingo Colon, a gang leader. Panicking, Dante is shot and killed by his cohorts, and Detectives Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe investigate the crime scene, admitting the Hammer Industries weapons into evidence. Shades, an employee of Stokes’ supplier, helps Stokes track down the other two kids involved in the robbery and takes his cut of the cash from the transaction. Stokes’ cousin, Mariah Dillard, is a council woman, who is trying to force Cage’s landlords to pay a fee. Cage steps in and fights off Stokes’ men from taking the money for Dillard, and refuses reward when they leave.

The owner of the barber shop, Pop, asks Cage for his help to find the remaining robber from the earlier robbery. He calls it up as a favor from Cage for hiding his powers and criminal past from the wrong people. The shop, considered the only neutral ground in Harlem, is the only place Pop wants Chico to be once he is found. It is then revealed that Cottonmout is repaying his cousin for refurbishing his night club with the money received from the arms deals he is conducting. Cage;, after finding Chico and taking him back to Pop’s, is sent out to start a parlay between Pop and Cottonmouth, but his friend Tone is then tipped off my Turk Barrett, as to where Chico is. Barrett, an ally of Kingpin’s during Daredevil season one, convinces Tone to then shoot up the barber shop, killing Pop and injuring Chico in the process. Cottonmouth, when he finally confronts Tone, throws him off the roof of his night club, and then gives Dillard the money Tone brought back, and he takes it to the Crispus Attucks Complex.

In the wake of Pop’s death, Cottonmouth offers to pay for his old friend’s funeral, and, learning that the shop is facing foreclosure over unpaid bills, Cage takes the money. He gives the money to Bobby Fish, a shop regular, and has him begin reparations on the shop. Cage then learns from Chico that Stokes has a plan to store his money at CAC in the event of an emergency. Targeting Stokes’ operation, Cage begins forcing Cottonmouth to move his money to CAC, where he then breaks in and steals some, giving it to Fish to continue repairs and paying off bills. Meanwhile, Chico turns himself in to Knight and Scarfe, and Scarfe kills him, revealing he is on Stokes’ payroll. Scarfe then tells Cottonmouth that Cage is the one who ripped him off, and Cottonmouth retaliated by shooting a rocket-propelled grenade into the restaurant tha Cage lives above.

In the midst of the destruction of the restaurant, Cage reminisces on his past life as Police Officer Carl Lucas, who was framed for a crime and sent to Seagate Prison. While imprisoned, he develops feelings for the group psychologist Reva Connors, but is then forced to fight in an underground fighting ring inside the prison for the guards’ entertainment. It is there that Cage, then Lucas, crosses paths with Shades, and decides with Connors to expose the fighting ring. The ain guard, however, learns of this plan, and severely beats Cage. Reva then takes Cage to Dr. Noah Burstein in the hopes he can save his life. Burstein, an experimental scientist who is conducting his experiments illegally, uses a machine that repairs Cage’s wounds quickly, but it fails, giving him his powers. Cage then escapes, and meets up with Reva, and the two start a new life together. Coming back to the present, Cage rescues his landlord from the rubble of the restaurant, and gives his name and abilities to the press who gathered around the explosion.

Stokes, in an attempt to continue paying his debts, starts forcing the citizens of Harlem to pay him for his “services” while blaming Luke Cage for this. His attempt to turn the people against Cage, however, does not go over well with Luke, and he fights to have the citizens properties and possessions that were taken from them returned. Meanwhile, Claire Temple visits her mother, who is a resident of Harlem. While Temple tells her mother of her time spent with powered people, Cage faces Cottonmouth, trying to convince him to stop his actions. Shades is there, however, and recognizes Cage as Carl Lucas, and he then shows Cottonmouth a new prototype weapon, the Judas Bullet, from Hammer Industries that is made of alien metals. Having Diamondback set out to deal with Cage, Cottonmouth gives him control of Harlem. The NYPD, however, has its own problems, as they investigate Scarfe, who is sent to steal the weapons taken previously from evidence. Scarfe decides not to hand them over the Cottonmouth, however, leaving him without guns to sell to pay for the Judas Bullet for himself.

Using the weapons as leverage, Scarfe decides to blackmail Cottonmouth, but things don’t go well for the dirty cop. He is shot, and forced to flee to Pop’s shop. Claire and Cage then walk to the shop themselves, where they find Scarfe bleeding everywhere. Knight, down a partner, is sent to work with Lieutenant Perez, another cop on Stokes’ payroll. Perez, while on the search for Scarfe, is ordered to kill him on sight by Cottonmouth. Luckily for Misty Knight, she realizes who Perez works for, and tricks him into revealing it before arresting him. Cage then retrieves a ledger of Cottonmouth’s activites from Scarfe’s apartment, but is seen my Knight, and forced to flee along with Scarfe and Claire. On their way to turn in Scarfe and the ledger, however, Stokes’ mercenaries attack them, but Cage fights them all off. Unfortunately, Scarfe dies from his wounds before making it to the police station, but the ledger gets there, and Cottonmouth is arrested based on the evidence within. A report tells Dillard this, and is also close to revealing that Dillard had a part in Cottonmouth’s illegal activities.

Unfortunately for our heroes, Scarfe’s ledger cannot be used in the case against Stokes’ and he is let go. Angry, Stokes threatens to reveal Cage’s true identity, making Luke think of running. Claire convinces him otherwise, and he stays to finish what he started. We then explore Cottonmouth’s childhood as he grows up with Mariah and his grandmother. We learn he was forced to kill his Uncle Pete, after Pete molested Dillard and made side deals with the rivals of Stokes’ grandmother. Cage then takes the weapons and gives them to Knight, who questions him about everything going on. Dillard is forced out of the city council, and she in turn starts an argument with Stokes. There, she insinuates she liked the abuse of Pete, and proceeds to kill Cottonmouth. Shades arrives and helps her clean up her mess and cover the incident up, making it look like Cage did the killing. Cage is then shot by Diamondback and the Judas Bullet while talking with Claire.

Diamondback runs away, and an ambulance takes Cage to the hospital, but are once again attacked by Diamondback while on their way. Meanwhile, the police begin to investigate Cottonmouth’s death, and a waitress from the night club says she saw Cage kill Cottonmouth. This, however, only makes Knight suspicious of Dillard. Knight calls Cage and tells him of all of this, while another officer tries to locate Cage’s cell phone. When she arrives where Cage and Temple are hiding out, Knight attempts to arrest Cage. They are again attacked by Diamondback, however, and Cage finally recognizes him as a childhood friend; Willis Stryker. Cage then follows Willis to the United Palace, where he fights and beats him, but Diamondback is able to get away.

Candance is then paid by Mariah for blaming Cage, and Claire, now arrested, insists the Cage didn’t kill Cotttonmouth. This angers Knight, who attacks Claire, forcing Claire to be released from custody. Willis then confronts Cage down an alleyway, and reveals he is Luke’s brother. Willis then shoots Cage with yet another Judas Bullet, and Cage falls into a garbage truck.

After her assault on Claire Temple, Misty Knight must talk with a police psychologist. Once cleared, however, she is set back on the trail of Luke Cage, with the intent to bring him in for the murder of Cottonmouth and an assault of two police officers. Convinced to go see Burstein, however, Cage leaves Harlem hoping to be healed. Meanwhile, Dillard has gathered every crime boss in the area, but they are all killed, with the exception of Colon, by Diamondback. Back with Cage, he is submerged in acid, with Burstein hoping it will soften his skin enough for him to extract the shrapnel. Instead, Cage’s heart stops beating.

Luckily, Claire and Burstein are able to revive Cage and remove the shrapnel from his body. Cage, still out-of-town, is then framed by Willis for killing a police officer. Cage then uncovers more of his past, learning that he was chosen as an experimental subject from Seagate long before becoming injured, and that Reva was the one who chose him. The police, upset by the death of a fellow officer, begin the manhunt for Cage, and wind up beating up a young boy. Before leaving him, Cage threatens Burstein to never replicate the experiment done to him, and heads back for Harlem. It is then revealed that Burstein has a copy of the data given to him by Claire and Cage, leading to a possible reproduction of the experiment. Dillard then tries to convince the police to buy the Judas Bullet to stop Cage, but her fellow party member lets her know he knows the truth about what is going on behind the scenes. The duo arrive back in Harlem just in time to witness Knight being shot by Willis, before Cage could stop him. Mercenaries then surround them all as they begin the fight for their lives.

Cage escapes the firefight with the injured Knight, while Willis takes Claire and the other civilians present hostage. With police surrounding the night club they are all in, the police inspector does not approve an assault to rescue the hostages. Cage and Knight then use a secret passage in the kitchen to escape to the basement, while Claire tends to a hostage, Candace, when Candace reveals the secret she kept from the police in her report of Cottonmouth’s death. Cage then goes to meet Willis, who uses Candace as a shield, and Cage manages to free all the other hostages, after Knight and Temple overpower and lock up Shades. The police storm the building as Willis escapes, and Cage, Shades, and others are taken into custody.

The hero doesn’t stay locked up for long, however, as he escapes while Knight looks for Willis in the hopes of clearing Luke’s name. Willis bails out Shades, simply to order the execution of him. Shades wins the fight, however, and escapes with his life. Cage begins to be welcomed as a hero again by the people of Harlem, and Knight finds Candace, who agrees to testify in defense of Cage. Cage then finds Barrett, who is now working for Willis, and makes him give up the location of Willis, only to find that Colon and his men already attacked Diamondback. Fortunately for the new big bad, he quickly defeats his attackers and escapes. When Cage arrives, he finds Colon injured and saves him, as the two sides decide to parlay at Pop’s shop. Willis, seizing his opportunity, attacks while wearing a powered suit that allows him to deliver punches that will affect Luke.

Flashing back to his past, the audience learns that Willis taught Lucas how to box, with Lucas later winning a boxing match. Back in current times, Luke and Willis continue their fight, while Knight drops her phone and Mariah drops the files proving Lucas’ innocence. Finally, the power to Willis’ suit fails, and Cage takes the opportunity to knock him out, after unsuccessfully trying to reason with the villain. Dillard is then arrested, but Shades uses Knight’s phone to draw the key witness to Cottonmouth’s murder out of hiding only to kill her. Mariah is then set free with the only evidence gone, and Knight is blamed for Candace’s death. Federal marshals then arrive to arrest Cage for his escape at Seagate Prison, and Claire kisses him goodbye, before contemplating taking self-defense lessons. Following that, Fish find’s the files that prove Lucas’ innocence in Pop’s shop, and Dillard and Shades re-open Cottonmouth’s night club. Willis Stryker is seen lying in a hospital bed when in walks Dr. Burstein to end the season.


Shortly after the events of Luke Cage, Iron Fist makes his way to the small screen corner of the MCU. Unfortunately for the show, it received a lukewarm welcome. With claims of white-washing the character, failed fight choreography, along with other gripes, the show got off to a rocky start. That doesn’t mean that the show itself did not have potential.

In his debut, Danny Rand returns to New York City and to his father’s company, Rand Enterprises, to meet with Harold Meechum, his father’s old business partner. He fights through building security only to find that Ward, Harold’s son, is sitting in his father’s old seat. Ward and his sister, Joy, do not believe who Danny is, and he is forced to spend the night sleeping in a park. He then befriends a homeless man, Big Al, as well as Colleen Wing, a local dojo owner. Rand tries again to convince his childhood friends who is truly is, but still, they do not believe him. Ward then hires mercenaries to attack Danny, and Wing tries to save him, only to find he can hold his own. It is revealed Harold is alive and well, only talking to Ward at the time. Harold orders Ward to leave the Danny Rand situation to him, believing it is possible to prodigal son has truly returned. Danny then returns to Joy, who drugs him and takes him to a hospital for treatment. The plane crash that killed Danny’s family is shown as it crashes somewhere in the Himalayas.

It turns out the facility Joy took Danny to is a mental facility, and his doctor is Dr. Paul Edmonds. To no avail, Danny insists on his true identity, but it is revealed Harold has access to the camera feeds in Danny’s room. Ward then talks to Wing, who is offered a great sum of money to testify that Danny is insane and a restraining order should be put in place. She rejects the offer, and Harold visits Danny secretly. During the meeting, Danny reveals he is the current Iron Fist, sworn enemy of the Hand. His next visitor is Wing, and he reveals who he truly is and the reason Ward does not want it to truly be him. Joy then decides it truly is Danny, but Ward continues to refuse to believe it is him. Edmonds also believes Danny, and proceeds to ask about the plane crash. Danny then states he was taken by monks to K’un-Lun, which is another dimension only accessible to Earth every so often. Edmonds then diagnoses Danny with an anxiety disorder, and Harold decides to move Danny to a safer place. Instead of following his father’s instructions, Ward hires men to try to kill Danny, who escapes the attack and the facility.

Harold reveals he is being controlled by a mystery woman, and this woman finds that he left the house without her permission. Harold faces the consequences to his actions, while Ward has his men attack Wing, who defeats them before Danny shows up. She lets Danny stay at her dojo, and he then goes to visit Joy. She offers him a boat load of cash to change his name and leave her and her brother alone, but he refuses, and goes to meet none other than Jeri Hogarth. She agrees to help him reclaim what was his by right, if when it is all over, her firm is signed on as the company’s lawyers. In a meeting to prove who Danny is, Hogarth uses a ceramic cup of sorts with a fingerprint of Danny’s from when he was a kid to prove who he truly is. Danny then realizes that Harold is alive, and follows Ward to him, where he tries to get into the penthouse, but is pushed out of the window. Ward is then instructed to buy a certain pier on the docks, and he does so with help from Joy.

Danny then wakes up in the penthouse, where Ward reveals it was him who pushed Danny. Harold then tells of his supposed death by cancer, and his true survival thanks to the Hand, who require his services from that point on. Harold wants Danny to destroy the Hand so that he can once more be free, and in return, Ward is to publicly accept Danny back into the company. In his first board meeting, however, Danny uses his majority share holdings to basically strong-arm the company into selling a life-saving drug at cost instead of a marked up price. Joy is then attacked by the Triad, but Danny fights them off, and takes Joy to the dojo for Wing to watch her. He then goes off to confront the Triad leader, who is angry at Joy for “stealing” the pier away from them. They back down when Danny says the Hand was behind the transaction, and the Hand rewards Harold by allowing him to see Joy with his own eyes for a few moments. Noticing she was wounded, he asks to kill the Triad leader as revenge, and Danny gets a message from Yang Hai-Qing.

With a new synthetic heroin hitting the streets of NYC, Danny connects it to the Hand, and sets out to rid the city of the drug. Ward, however, disregards Danny’s attempts to gain his help. Leaving the building, Danny is recorded as he apologizes to a woman whose child got cancer from one of Rand Enterprise’s plants. This sends the Wards overboard, and an emergency board meeting is called, one which Danny is absent from. Ward then overdoses, while Danny finds Claire Temple training with Wing at the dojo. Wing agrees to then help Danny as he tries to get inside the pier to see what the Hand is up to. Inside one of the containers being brought in Danny finds a chemist. He fights the chemist’s bodyguard, and frees the man, only to realize that he was injured during the fight. Wing calls Claire, who comes to help save the man’s life, and it is revealed the Hand forced him to work with them by kidnapping his daughter. Wing then agrees to help destroy the Hand alongside Danny, and we find out that Madame Gao is the one behind the evil group.

Found by Joy during his overdose, Ward throws all of his drugs away to appease his sister. He and Danny then start a hunt through Rand Enterprise warehouses find other clues about the heroin. Finally finding a clue, Danny is called to a challenge by the Hand via a note and a severed head. Ward then goes alone to the crisis management meeting being held due to Danny’s apology to the woman. Danny then goes to the challenge, where he faces two Russians, the Bride of Nine Spiders, and Scythe. Danny winds all three rounds, and Gao goes back on her word of giving him the chemist’s daughter. She makes him choose between killing Scythe and saving the girl. He decides to save the girl, and Gao then personally attacks Danny, easily defeating him before letting him and the girl leave alive. The chemist then is taken to the hospital, where the Hand takes him, and Ward slams his hand in a car door in an attempt to score some pain medication from the emergency room.

Two Hand members go to question Harold, and when Danny shows up, Harold winds up killing both of the men. Harold and Ward then disassemble to bodies. Gao then shows up at the company, and tells Danny he should stay out of the Hand’s way. He then follows her to another level of the building where she talks business with an employee of hers. Danny then confronts the employee and convinces her to leave NYC and give him her password so he can access all of Gao’s data. Rand and Wing then convince Yang to help fight against the Hand. Joy then convinces Ward to take a vacation, and Danny announces he wants to close the troublesome plant while still keeping the workers on the payroll. The trio of heroes then attack a Hand outpost, where it is revealed Gao left for Anzhou. The board then fires Joy, Ward, and Danny, and Ward learns his bank accounts have been drained. Ward then confronts his father, and eventually kills him, dumping his body in a river.

Danny realizes the reason his family was flying to Anzhou was to shut down Gao’s operations, and that it was her who killed his family. Danny, Claire, and Wing then go to Anzhou, and attack Gao’s facility. Danny fights a drunken kung fu fighter, and Danny wins, beating him until Claire and Wing show up to stop him. Gao then intervenes and defeats the three heroes. Danny, instead of killing Gao like he wants, decides to take her to the police when he finally beats her. Meanwhile, the board offers a great deal of money to the Meechums to walk away. Ward, completely broke, accepts the payment, but Joy refuses and opts to blackmail the board members for their positions back. Ward then begins hallucinating when he decides to take Joy to the penthouse, and he finally decides against it.

Danny takes Gao back to the dojo, and they steal truth serum for the company, where they give it to Gao, but it turns out she is resistant to the serum. Wing then reveals she was poisoned while in China, and she contacts her former mentor, Bakuto. Gaos men attack the dojo, but Danny defeats them. Bakuto comes to the dojo and tells Danny to use the Iron Fist to save Wing, and Danny does, but passes out. Bakuto then takes Danny and Gao back to his training facility. An assassin then shows up at the dojo, where Temple is. Harold is seen recovering from his death, and after a few hours, regains his normal tendencies, and goes back to the penthouse. Yang then tells Ward that each time a person is revived after the Hand’s initial revival, the person becomes more psychopathic. Harold then kills his assistant Kyle, and puts Heroin in Ward’s car. Ward is arrested then taken to the mental facility, and Joy returns to the penthouse to find Harold.

At Bakuto’s facility, Danny is taught how to recharge his chi, but becomes suspicious of Bakuto, and breaks into a restricted area. He then learns from Gao that Bakuto is the leader of the Hand. Wing then defends her former master, claiming the Hand is peaceful, but Gao runs an evil part of the organization. Bakuto then visist Harold, but Harold wishes to kill him. Danny then learns the Hand is conducting mass surveillance, and is then confronted by Bakuto, and after a fight attempts to escape the compound. The assassin appears, revealing himself as Davos, Danny’s friend from K’un-Lun, and the two fight their way to the gate. At the gate, Wing opens the doors for them, but Danny has realized he cannot summon the Iron Fist. Davos then tries to convince Danny to return to K’un-Lun, but Danny refuses, and Harold kills a board member, making it look like a suicide. Joy manages to convince the board to reinstate the three childhood friends.

Davos and Danny go to Claire, who get the fragments of Bakuto’s weapon out of Danny’s wound. Wing arrives and tries to talk sense into Danny, but it doesn’t work. She then goes out to get antibiotics from a friend who works at a hospital, and Danny goes to the penthouse where Joy realizes Bakuto has been taking money from the company for himself. Harold has Joy freeze the accounts, and Danny and Harold agree to kill Bakuto, when the Hand captures Wing and take her back to the facility. She is then sent to the revival chambers. Danny and Davos wait outside the facility for Bakuto, where Davos begins questioning why Danny left his post at the gate of K’un-Lun. Wing escapes while Joy freezes the accounts.

Ward gets out of the mental facility, and goes to the penthouse, where he demands Harold lets him take Joy away. Bakuto shows up at the penthouse, shoots Joy, and demanding Danny has thirty minutes to get to the penthouse to save everyone. Davos objects, but Danny goes anyway, stopping Bakuto from killing Harold for good. He leaves with the Hand, and in the lobby, escapes with the help of Davos and Wing. Danny defeats Bakuto, but he escapes outside, before being cornered. Wing defeats her master in combat, but refuses to kill him, so Davos does it instead. Danny then fights Davos and wins, and Davos leaves only for Wing and Danny to find Bakuto’s body missing. Harold and Ward take Joy to the hospital, while Danny and Wing go back to the dojo. The next morning Ward warns Danny that Harold set him up, and the DEA raids the dojo, with the two heroes narrowly escaping.

Harold then walks directly into the company and takes complete control. Danny and Wing go to Bakuto’s compound,which was completely abandoned, except for Gao. She reveals to Danny that Harold was the mastermind behind the plane crash, and Ward tells Joy about Harold’s actions. Joy confronts her father, who denies framing Danny, and she leaves. Ward then aligns himself with Danny’s side, and Ward walks into the company. Harold spots him and injures him, while Temple creates a distraction so Danny and Colleen can enter the building unnoticed. The duo fight off Harold’s men, while Ward gets the evidence to prove Danny is innocent. Danny then follows Harold to the roof, where they fight until Ward shoots his father. Harold then falls to his death, and Ward has the body cremated. Danny decides to go back to K’un-Lun, and Wing goes with him, and Joy and Davos discuss killing Danny, which is overheard by Gao. Danny and Colleen get to the gate only to find the entrance closed and dead Hand assassins lying on the ground.


Source: Daredevil S1, Daredevil S2, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

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