The Defenders S01E03: Worst Behavior – Recap And Review


Recently on The Defenders, Matt continued to struggle with his retirement from crime fighting. Luke’s investigation of the “White Hat” caused him to cross paths with Danny, who was trying to obtain info on The Hand. This lead to an altercation between Luke and Danny and ended with Luke getting punched by the Iron Fist. Jessica’s search for Raymond lead her to an apartment filled with explosives.

In this episode, Jessica’s involvement in the discovery of the dangerous apartment gets her into trouble with the law, this is where she comes into contact with her attorney, Matt Murdock. Claire heard about the fight between Luke and Danny and urges the two to meet up and fight together, but it doesn’t turn out too well. Luke and Danny argue and don’t see eye to eye. Elektra’s new origin is revealed and Alexandra’s intentions become more clear. Stick is revealed to be a prisoner of Alexandra’s and fights to escape and find the Iron Fist. Jessica continues her investigation of Raymond and finds a building project he was recently involved in, but she is also suspicious that she is being followed by Matt. With the threat of The Hand constantly escalating, Danny decides to confront some of their leaders at one of their businesses, Midland Circle Financial, but only runs into an ambush. As Danny attempts to summon the Iron Fist, Luke comes to rescue him and help fight off The Hand. Meanwhile, Jessica’s new lead puts her in Midland Circle Financial,  the same building that Danny and Luke are in. Matt, knowing that Midland Circle Financial belongs to The Hand, follows Jessica inside and warns her to stop investigating. Matt then senses a commotion in the penthouse, so him and Jessica go up to see what it is. They find Danny and Luke in the middle of a fight and join in to help them. As the fight progresses, the newly reborn Elektra shows up and fights the heroes. Danny incapacitates her and the team proceeds to the elevator.

This episode is very crucial to the show. It unveils some of the purpose behind the antagonist, Alexandra, and also reveals more about this new version of Elektra. It establishes the new relationships between the heroes and finally puts them all together.

This episode did a phenomenal job at bringing these heroes together for the first time. The final fight scene had some of the best fight choreography and cinematography that I have ever seen in these Netflix shows. The interactions between these characters that we have come to love over the years are so fun and exciting. Sigourney Weaver does a fantastic job as Alexandra and is already proving herself to be one of the best villains in the Netflix MCU. This episode gives the viewers a perfect taste of the excitement and leaves them in a place where they desperately want more.

Written by: Gabe Kaspar

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