The Defenders S01E07: Fish In The Jailhouse – Recap And Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Defenders.

Previously on The Defenders:

The group decides to hide Danny. Luke and Stick decides to look after him while Matt and Jessica finds out the Midland Circle’s plant. Stick knocks out Luke with an incense and decides to kill Danny only to be interrupted by Elektra. We see her capturing Danny after stabbing Stick in the heart and fighting off the three other defenders. Later, we see Elektra killing Alexandra by stabbing her in the back and commanding the three other leaders of The Hand to follow her orders.

Plot Summaryelektra-defenders-2.jpgThis episode opens with a flashback of Elektra speaking to Stick who relied on her to recruit Matt to join The Chaste. He scolds her for falling in love with Matt and the violence that requires a man to kill on command isn’t inside him.

Misty Knight was able to bring Matt, Jessica and Luke. She wanted to know who the dead body (Stick) was and who killed him. Jessica tells Misty that Danny being kidnapped and about a shadow organization, the same organization that went after John Raymond. Matt wakes up to see Foggy and tells him that Elektra is alive and she took Danny after killing Stick. Luke wakes up to see Claire and Colleen tending to him but they’re all worried about the fate of Danny.

Matt, Jessica and Luke meet inside the NYPD headquarters where Captain Strieber and Misty are trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Jessica says that John Raymond was planning to blow up what’s underneath Midland Circle. Foggy brings Matt the Daredevil suit, knowing he can’t stop his best friend from being the vigilante.

Meanwhile, Elektra, tells Gao, Murakami, and Bakuto that she cares about the substance, not The Hand. Murakami and Bakuto doesn’t trust Elektra, but Gao reminds them that she did bring Danny back, which means they’re closer to obtaining more of the substance than ever before.

The three Defenders escape the police station, thanks to Luke breaking through a wall. They end up taking a subway to rescue Danny since all of their wallet is in the hands of the police. C66b_EDV0AAYfukColleen finds John’s plans from the piano, and she’s makes a plan of her own. Colleen also leaves the police station.

With Danny captive, Elektra leads him to the door in question. It was sealed by a former Iron Fist and it can only be opened by another one. She tells that the true power of The Hand is behind that door.

The three defenders arrive at the Midland Circle and confronts the remaining three leaders of The Hand. Colleen comes to their rescue but the leaders escape. Misty and Claire arrives, and Misty asks how long they need her to stall the rest of the cops.

Underneath Midland Circle, Elektra and Danny fights and she taunts Danny by saying he should have heard them screaming when she killed his old masters at K’un-Lun. Enraged, Danny unleashes his Iron Fist and punches through the mysterious door that Elektra wanted him to open.

Captain Strieber finds Misty at the garage where she covers for the defenders. Colleen brings some of the C4 that John Raymond planned to use in order to blow up the building. She decides to bring the building down. Danny awakens and finds beneath the skeleton of a dragon and the camera pans out just to reveal how deep he is.


This was a pretty slowly paced episode. It mainly focuses on the supporting characters. There are a few enjoyable moments. I loved that Foggy remained a true friend of Matt and decides to give him the suit. Watching them together again after the events of Daredevil season 2 was nice. That train scene of Jessica drinking and saying “It’s been a long week” was hilarious. Matt, Jessica and Luke on the run was a fun aspect of the show. The fight sequences were very underwhelming, good but not great like what we’ve seen in the previous episodes.

In the end, I would say this was a fun episode but a slow one and not memorable.

Stay tuned to read the recap and review of the season finale of The Defenders.

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