The Defenders Season 1 Review

After years and 5 seasons of setting up for this moment, the moment every Netflix MCU fan has been waiting for has arrived, The Defenders are here.

The first episodes work as an introduction and a way of catching up viewers to what has been happening in these characters lives and their current emotional state after their overcoming their personal battles. Some viewers may think that this unnecessarily slowed down the impending meeting between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but the show did a really great job in the convergence of these characters investigations and leading them to their meeting. I truly believe it really built momentum, and their meeting in the Midland Circle hallways (and of course there’s a hallway fight) is nothing short but epic.

img_0994Also, perhaps it’s weird to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in anything having to do with something mystical, they are both, of course, skeptical about it. This makes the team-up really entertaining because each character is trying to find their footing and trying to come to terms with this situation. When they do, it’s really a sight to see. Seeing them working together is fantastic, they compliment each other and the dynamics of the team are well defined and extremely entertaining. The fight scenes are fantastic as well. Watching them make quips around each other, fight together, their whole interactions is spine-tingling. Their experience as a team is something that with no doubt will change them in one way or another and will let them grow and become the heroes they are meant to be.thumbnail7

What’s also great is that this series finally gave viewers a deeper understanding and some answers regarding the villains that have already been seen in these heroes solo-series. It gives insight into who The Hand are and makes it easier to understand what was it they’ve been doing until now. Throughout the different solo series, we’ve been given bits and pieces of who they are and now we finally see the complete picture. It also gave the leader of The Hand a face: Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver). She’s an absolutely brilliant villain. Weaver’s portrayal is, of course, fantastic and is the perfect counterpart for this team.

The supporting characters of each weren’t left behind either. We also get caught up with what’s been going on in their lives, what is it they’ve been doing. In some cases, this show even allowed a deeper development of them, viewers get to see the emotional impact circumstances had on them and the way support each other and manage to overcome whatever it is that has been distressing them They are also on the path of becoming who they are meant to be and it’s exciting to see where that may take them.

The visuals in the series are stunning. The changes in the lighting and coloring according to each character is just really beautiful. This really sets the tone for each character and the juxtaposition of them works quite well, it really balances the tones viewers got to see in each show.

thumbnail8This team-up was truly outstanding and the show establishes this team perfectly. It also reminded viewers why they love these characters so much. It shows the true potential they all have and what a great team they make. This show lets each and all of them grow and it’s really thrilling to see how their interactions affect this growth and evolution. The ending leaves viewers with the desire and hope to see this repeat itself and of course find out where their journey takes our heroes. The Defenders is the perfect ending for the first Phase of the Netflix MCU, as Finn Jones has previously stated, and it gives viewers a glance at the promising future of this universe.

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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