Joker Origin Movie Being Produced By Martin Scorsese 

Fans of the Joker can rejoice due to the reports of a standalone film for this character is currently being produced. Deadline has reported that a joker origin film is underway with excellent people on it such as The Hangovers Todd Phillips,  8 Mile writer Scott silver and none other than Martin Scorsese. While Scorsese is not set to direct, he is reported to produce along side Philips as the director.

Deadline reports that the intention of the film is to place the joker in an 80’s gritty Gotham filled with crime. Deadline also states that the film intends to make the film feel like no other D.C. movie before it and instead make it feel as a crime drama much like Scorsese’s other films

It is currently unknown what this film will fall under for their properties however it will not be under the DCEU. With this film not being in the DCEU, this opens various possibilities most notably with the possibility of Jared Leto not returning to reprise his role. This film can see the joker at a much younger age and even without tattoos! No matter what is to come of this film we cannot deny the fact that Scorses has directed and produced fantastic crime films that have built huge followings. Films such as Taxi Driver, Wolf of Wall Street, and Goodfellas has shown us that Scorsese can help provide a truly crime based origin for the joker which is prominent in the graphic novel The Killing Joke

No release date is set however we are aware that  the team is currently writing for the film. It would be quite interesting to see how this film slowly develops and turns out.

Source: Deadline

Written by: Raymond Benitez-Toler


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