Disney’s Live Action Mulan To Start Filming In January

The live action Mulan is part of Disney’s animated-to-live action films that are currently in development, and it looks like production is going at full speed as the movie is set to start filming in late January of next year, according to a report found in My Entertainment World by Omega Underground.

Screenshot of the Mulan report from My Entertainment World. Photo: Omega Underground

The film will start shooting in two locations: China and New Zealand. China will be a main location for shooting due to the story being set in East Asia, and Disney wanting to co-produce the film with the Chinese film industry in order to attract their audiences. As to why they’ll shoot in New Zealand, it remains a mystery. Heroic Hollywood believes that it could be due to some battle scenes that they’ll add to the film.

As of today, no actress has been announced for the lead role or any roles from the film. Niki Caro (Whale Rider) will direct the movie and set to release in 2019.

Are you a fan of the original Mulan? Who do YOU want to be cast as the female hero? Will this film succeed? Tells us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram: @GEEKMOTIVATION, where we make a geek out of you!

Sources: Omega UndergroundHeroic Hollywood

Written By: Christian Quiles

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