Wonder Woman Epilogue Might Tie To Justice League Movie

Wonder Woman was a very well-acclaimed movie in the box office and did very well in DVD sales. Some didn’t know that in the DVD version there is an added epilogue thatwasn’t  in the theatre release.

In the epilogue of the movie we are shown  Etta Candy sitting down with Sameer, Charlie, and Chief, and they talk about their next mission. The mission involves recovering an ancient artifact, but it isn’t given a name. Towards the end of the scene we are given an image of a mother box.

In DC Comics, mother boxes are reguarly associated with either Darkseid or Apokolips. This new epilogue gives us more ideas on how the events of Wonder Woman tie to the events of Justice League, and even help explain the part in the Justice League trailer when the knights burry a mother box in the forest. 

Now this is all speculation, but it would help in tying the events together!

For more news on the story follow @geekmotivation


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