What Does The Future Hold For Misty Knight?


After the events of The Defenders, fans were left uncertain about the future of the show’s characters. One character’s future that is still a mystery is Misty Knight. Will Misty fully recover? Will she return to her police work? Will she join other heroes in the fight against the super villains of New York? Well, let’s talk about that.

When fans saw Misty lose her arm from Bakuto’s blade, they immediately began speculating the next step in her journey. The comic book readers felt fairly certain that Misty would get her bionic arm. For those who don’t read the comics, Misty suffers from a similar amputation and has an artificial arm made for her by Tony Stark.

Fans’ speculation turned out to be true when a new photo of Misty was released that showed off her bionic arm. Now another question remains. Will her new arm be linked to Tony Stark? There hasn’t been any confirmation on that, but it seems very unlikely. These Netflix shows have made very small nods to the larger MCU, but they haven’t made any significant crossovers. On an optimistic note, while Tony Stark might not be directly referenced, Netflix could easily make a slight nod to Stark Industries without directly saying it. We’ve seen it before with The Hulk being mentioned as “The Green Guy” or the events of The Avengers being called “The Incident.” For now, that’s the best we can hope for.

Another incident that comic fans noticed in the finale of The Defenders was the interaction between Misty and Colleen. The friendly conversation between the two allowed the comic fans to geek out over another comic book duo in the series. Just like Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing have teamed up in the comics. While Netflix has not confirmed anything yet, fans feel pretty good about the chances of these two characters working together, which would make sense since Luke and Danny’s interactions throughout The Defenders make a crossover between their two shows seem pretty plausible.

Netflix has a quite the future planned for its Marvel shows. Lots of these characters have great potential, one of which being Misty Knight. Although we have to wait a while for Misty’s story to continue, the comics give us plenty to look forward to.

Written by: Gabe Kaspar

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