Daniel Dae Kim In Talks To Take Over Role In Hellboy Reboot 

Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim is reportedly in negotiations with Lionsgate to star in their upcoming Hellboy reboot. Kim is set to take over the role that Ed Skrein had honorably stepped down from, due to controversy regarding the whitewashing of major character Ben Daimio.

This news is a big step for Lionsgate and their Hellboy reboot. Ben Daimio has been famously known for being of Asian descent and his ethnicity has not changed in the comics. With this well known fact of the characters ethnicity, it is easy to see why such a outcry erupted. Daniel Dae Kim is no stranger for standing up for ethnic equality and exposure in the media due to his recent exit of CBS’s Hawaii Five-0. Kim has stated unequal pay as a reason for his exit from the show, and he has since been fighting for Asian exposure, equality and accuracy in the media. Kim is an Korean-American and based off his performance in Hawaii Five-0 will most definitely be able to play a badass military member who can turn into a jaguar.

While Lionsgate has stated that there were no intentions of insensitivity, it is wonderful to see they are taking the outcry with grace and doing what’s right.

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