Titans Casting Call Reveals Villain For Show

Casting calls are always a great source of speculation for fans in this age of superheroes and reboots. As such, fans pay especially close attention to them not just because of preconceived notions of who would make a good fit for various hero and villain roles, but because those roles could tell us something vital about the storyline for an upcoming project.

Recently reported on by thathashtagshow.com, the casting call for the Titans TV show’s villains has gone out revealing the first villain the team will face off against is The Acolyte. In the description, it’s revealed he will be seeking Raven (played by Teagan Croft) after the murder of her mother.

While in the comics The Acolyte is a 3rd string villain, Raven is a key figure in the Titans having founded the team to help her thwart the inevitable arrival of her father Trigon the Terrible, a demon from another dimension that is a very clear analog to Satan. This storyline has been adapted twice to the screen already, once in the Glenn Murakami Teen Titans animated TV show and the 2016 direct to video animated movie Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

While we don’t know if this is just a one off bad guy or if The Acolyte will play a greater role in the show going forward, his position as a lesser known DC villain and the description having him closely tied to Raven and her mother could mean he is the key to the larger meta plot of the show. Will we see Trigon in the future of this show or perhaps even the Cult of Blood? Time will tell, but if this is any indication Titans does have ambitions, we’ll find out what those are in early 2018.

Source: ThatHashtagShow.com

By: Ryan Whorton

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