We Now Know Where Thor Was During Civil War


Remember when every hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hated each other for a few days?

Captain America: Civil War was released back in May of 2016. The stage was set, the Marvel Universe being torn in half. All felt right, except for some absences. While in the comics, Thor was predominantly absent during the arc, we didn’t expect to not see him in the film adaptation. With the character written to be incredibly involved in Earth’s affairs throughout the four films he has starred in, as well as being a founding member of The Avengers, it was almost destiny for him to show up and try to help out in any way possible. That being said, if someone has a god on their side, the fight is practically theirs.

It has been a question, and a running gag over at Marvel Studios, for the last year or so. Where was Thor?

We know that Thor went through a soul searching journey in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, in what seemed to be the most misplaced scene in the entire MCU. When he left at the end of the film, he seemed to be looking for something. We now know what he was looking for.


Screen Rant reported it first.

Producer Brad Winderbaum had this to say about the film

“The journey he’s been on at the beginning of this movie, it’s not like five minutes after Ultron ends we start this movie: it’s a couple years later. And as we know, at the end of Ultron he’s started this quest to find the puppet master, and the Infinity Stones, and all that. What he realized really fast– I don’t think I’m giving too much away because it’s right at the top of the film, but basically that one quest, that universe-ending peril that he was trying to figure out dovetailed or branched off into any number of universe ending-perils that he’s been adventuring on for the two years leading up to the beginning of this film.”


It looks like Thor has been hunting down Thanos, and preparing for the inevitable war that is on its way, only making a little pit stop to save Asgard from hell itself.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below! For more information on the story, and all gthings marvel, follow me on twitter @imtylersiedell, and as always, @GEEKMOTIVATION.

Written by: Tyler Siedell

Source: Screen Rant

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