Secret Empire Omega #1 – Recap And Review

The battle is over. The heroes have won, but the costs were high. For Captain America, his journey is just beginning, however, as he tries to regain the trust of the American people that his evil doppelganger lost for him. Secret Empire Omega is here to show Marvel readers what has become of their universe in the fallout of Hydra Cap’s crumbled regime.

Overall, the story is slightly slow. Although so much has happened in the 10 previous issues of Secret Empire, this new line of comic lacks action. At least this specific issue, that is. Captain America is back, and Hydra Cap’s fate is revealed. This new line of comics may just break out and become yet another fast-paced series, so go ahead and pick yourself up a copy to figure out what is going on with Marvel’s heroes after Secret Empire!

Spoiler Warning for Secret Empire Omega #1 Follow

As we find out in the first issue of Omega, Hydra Cap is locked away in a high security prison. He resides there as the sole inhabitant of the prison. Captain America goes to talk to his doppelganger, hoping to find out exactly why Hydra Cap did all that he did.

Two questions are raised though in the final few pages of Omega #1. Firstly, is Black Widow still alive? As we saw throughout the comic, Natasha Romanoff’s funeral was taking place, and Clint Barton seems to truly believe the woman he loved was gone for good. But is she? Winter Soldier seemed to have a different idea, as he looked at an area and knew exactly where Black Widow was at that moment. That place sure wasn’t a coffin back in the United States. Honestly though, Black Widow having dodged death would cheapen the impact that her death had on all the characters. The best bet for Marvel would be to have a new character step into the limelight and attempt to carry the mantle of Black Widow.

The second is probably the more important. What happened to Hydra Cap? Is he still in the prison, or did he escape? We learn that the guards, or at least one of them, are sympathetic towards Hydra. Throughout the issue we always see Hydra Cap in a film of red, but the final scene depicts what is believed to be Hydra Cap chained up with the same filter that Captain America wore the entire issue. Is there some way Hydra Cap escaped? If he did what does that mean for the Marvel Universe?

If you have theories about what is going on in the Marvel Universe with Hydra Cap and Black Widow, let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out Geek Motivation on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with everything geek related!


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