Teen Titans #12 Review (Dark Nights: Metal Tie-In)

Tying-in to Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights: Metal event, Teen Titans #12 takes places shortly after the events of Metal #2. Two days has passed since the Caped Crusader, The Man of Steel, and The Amazonian Princess have gone missing. Gotham, having randomly grown a mountain in the heart of the city in Dark Nights: Metal #1, is in chaos. Once the new Dark Knights emerge with Barbatos, things really turn sour for the world.

Comical team ups litter the pages of this issue, which mainly follows the Son of Batman. Robin, a.k.a. Damian Wayne, wishes to find and avenge his father. The same bull-headed though process that sometimes hinders Batman also poses an issue for this thirteen year-old kid. Although the villain seems to lack an actual motivation for working alongside the Batman Who Laughs and his Cannibal Robins, the issue still leaves the reader wanting more. If you haven’t already stopped at your local comic store, go ahead and pick yourself up a copy of this action-filled, comical comic today! And make sure to stop by Geek Motivation’s Twitter and Instagram accounts to stay up-to-date on everything in Geek Culture!

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