Venom Inc. Crossover Will Take Place In The Amazing Spider-Man And Venom Series

One of the greatest match ups in comic books is in fact Spider-Man and Venom, well starting in december A six part series will pit the iconic web head against the symbiotic power house.

During a podcast Nick Lowe, Marvel editor, made the announcement that Venom Inc. would bring Venom back into The Amazing Spider-Man story line, Venom has not been in the story line in a long time.

The story will include Mania (another symbiote), Lee Price, and Flash Thompson (both former owners of the venom symbiote). The story will start off with its own Alpha release titled Venom Inc. Alpha #1 then will be switching between The Amazing Spider-Man and Venom after words ending on Venom Inc. Omega #1.

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Source: CBR

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