Supergirl Getting A New Suit In Season 3

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Supergirl will get a new suit later this season, but it might be just temporary:

I think I recall Melissa Benoist mentioning a new Supergirl suit at Comic-Con. Is that happening? — Trisha
As of now, she’s still wearing the same super suit. However, we will see Kara in something new, even if it’s not permanent, later this season. “There is a different suit that I will be wearing at some point this season, but I won’t tell you when or to what capacity,” Melissa Benoist says. “It’s cool, though.”

This information isn’t really revealing, but it leaves viewers wondering what this might mean for the plot, especially since it won’t be permanent. Perhaps this suit is designed to overcome a particular villain or some other reason that’s related to this season’s bad guys.

Supergirl returns October 9th at 8/7c on The CW

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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