Batman: The Red Death Review and Discussion

A a Dark Nights: Metal Tie-In, Batman: The Red Death does not disappoint. This issue tells of the origins of the speedster Dark Knight, and his quest to save his Dark Multiverse Earth. Overall, the story is amazing. Batman has never been more awesome, and the Flash has never been more resilient. The artwork that litters the pages seems to want to jump off the page and into the real world. This issue is simply, and utterly amazing. If you haven’t already, go buy yourself a copy of Batman: The Red Death today. This issue is definitely not something you want to miss!

Spoilers Ahead for Batman: The Red Death

From the opening page, you can tell this is going to be a great story. To be honest, I have tried my best to stay away from the articles out there explaining the Dark Multiverse’s  Batmen. I find it much more satisfying to find out just exactly is going on on my own. And boy, am I happy I’ve done that now.

I have never seen an interpretation of Batman as dark and power hungry as I saw within the pages of this comic. The Flash, as I said before, is as resilient as ever. And when they morph together at Bruce’s hands, the creation is completely amazing. Although clearly a villain, The Speedster Batman’s drift, as The Flash on Earth-0 points out, is bats. That concept is simply awesome.

Moving on from that, we learn a lot about the Dark Multiverse. For starters, the audience finds out that the Dark Multiverse is aware of the regular multiverse. The reader also learns that the Dark Multiverse is created solely to die. This provides the reasoning for the Dark Multiverse’s Batmen and Barbatos to want to come and take over the multiverse.

Barbatos clearly underestimates Earth-0’s Batman and the Justice League if he thinks that taking over the multiverse will be easy. The Speedster Batman also has no idea what is in store for him if he wishes to recreate his destroyed Gotham in Earth-0’s Central City. But for now, audiences are left waiting to find out what has become of the DC Trinity, as the next official Dark Nights: Metal issue doesn’t release until October. The fight against Barbatos continues through multiple different tie-ins, so be sure to check back with Geek Motivation on Twitter each week for those!

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