The Punisher Trailer: Recap And Review

WARNING: This article may contain minor spoilers for Daredevil season 2.

The trailer of The Punisher starts with Frank Castle having flashbacks of him with his family. The first ones are happy memories, but the last one shows a masked man shooting his wife in front of him, right in his house. But since the actual death of the Castles was during a mob shoot-out in Central Park, this might be a nightmare or maybe the shoot-out isn’t the true story.

Then we cut to a military team hunting for Castle in some kind of warehouse as one of them says “shoot to kill” to which Castle answers “gladly”. Then the lights go out and all we see is shots being fired. Then the lights turn on and we see Frank Castle standing atop the corpses in his Punisher costume and he asks the only survivor about his family. When he says he knows nothing, Castle simply shoots him in the head.

Then we see a series of clips showing many of the characters, including Rawlins, a high-ranking CIA operative played by Paul Schulze. The clips are accompanied by Castle’s voice-over  where he explains his family’s death is part of a conspiracy by the CIA and that the man in charge, who seems to be Rawlins, wants him dead. The clips also show Karen Page from Daredevil, played by Deborah Ann Woll, and Dinah Madini, a homeland security agent investigating Castle, played by Amber Rose Revah. 

Then we see Micro, a hacker played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who asks Castle to help him stop the conspiracy. Castle accepts with the condition that he “kills them all”. Micro reluctantly agrees to his terms.

Then we see a series of action scenes accompanied by a heavy metal score, the standouts being someone pointing a gun at Castle saying he’ll “meet his family really soon” and Castle sporting his Punisher costume while shooting bad guys with a really big machine gun.

Then we have a final scene with Dinah Madini investigating a crime scene. Her co-worker doubts the Punisher’s involvement since he was presumed dead after he was almost killed in an explosion in Daredevil season 2. Brett Mahoney, the police sergeant turned detective from Daredevil and Jessica Jones played by Royce Johnson, responds by saying “This looks like the work of a dead man to you?” and the trailer ends with the release date of the series being shown encrypted, with the exception of the year: 2017.

After many teasers, including that awesome “demolition” teaser, we finally get a full-length trailer of the next Marvel Netflix series The Punisher. And it delivers.

The action is great. From the explosions and the car crashes to Punisher just shooting everyone, every action scene leaves such an impact no matter how short it is. And it play so well with that awesome heavy metal score.

The plot is intriguing. Knowing the death of Frank Castle was more than just a shoot-out leaves many questions. And since it’s confirmed that it will involve Frank Castle’s past as a marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, this conspiracy is sure to reveal a lot of secrets from Castle’s past.

And Jon Bernthal still has it. With every line and every appearence he knocks it out of the park as Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

Overall, this is a great trailer. It gives you a good idea of what the series is about but also leaves you begging for more. I for one cannot wait to see The Punisher, whenever it releases.

The Punisher is the next Marvel Netflix series, with Steve Lightfoot as the showrunner and starring Jon Bernthal as the titular anti-hero. It is set to release this fall.

Source: YouTube 

Written by: Miguel Coelho 

What are your thoughts on The Punisher trailer? Leave it in the comments and stay tuned for more news about the show. And for more Marvel-related news, be sure to follow Geek Motivation (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and me (@Miguel420coelho). ‘Till next time!

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