Why You Should Be Excited For Thor: Ragnarok


A word that sticks with Thor like white on rice. As we approach November 3rd, I can’t help to shake the feeling that Ragnarok is not getting the hype and love that it should be worthy of. Here are some reasons why you should be more excited than you already are for Thor: Ragnarok.

To start, let’s be honest. Many people say that the MCU’s one main gripe, other than the villains, is the lack of color in their movies. If you look at the Ragnarok trailers, you can see that this movie plans to fix that problem. The colors pop off the screen and look like they were ripped straight out of a Jack Kirby comic book page. The movie looks to utilize every color on the color spectrum and is out to promote the future of MCU Movies.

The next reason you should be even more excited for Thor: Ragnarok is what it means for the MCU. Let’s face it, even with such great movies like Thor and Black Panther upon us, everyone’s just waiting to get their hands on Avengers: Infinity War. While Black Panther looks to be amazing (and in my eyes possibly a Oscar winner), it will likely have little ramifications on the MCU timeline and little importance to Infinity War’s plot line. Meanwhile, Ragnarok will have direct correlation with what is going to happening in the next Avengers movie due to all the ties that Thor and Asgard have with the Infinity gem. While we don’t know how much it will appear, it is definitely going to appear as this is the last cosmic movie until the big purple guy (aka Thanos) comes from space and tries to crush the Avengers into little tiny pieces.

The last reason you should be excited is: We get to see Thor and Hulk fight in the arena wearing gladiator armor! Now who does not want to see that?

Written by: Akhil Modali

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