Batman: The Murder Machine Spoiler-Free Review and Discussion



If this Dark Nights: Metal Tie-In issue has to be summed up in one word, that word would be brutal. While Batman: The Red Death sort of teased a murderous Batman, this issue completely delves into death and destruction at the hands of the Cyborg Batman. This issue is simply amazing. There seems to be a filter between Earth -44 and Earth-0 that clearly depicts the differences between the two different worlds.

The story progresses steadily, as we continue to learn so much more about the Batmen of the Dark Multiverse. This iteration of Batman, although containing certain traits as the Speedster Batman, is extremely unique. His rogues are so much more violent it seems than even Batman’s of Earth-0. This is one issue you do not want to miss. If you’ve already read Batman: The Murder Machine, feel free to continue on and read the discussion. If you haven’t yet, read it and come on back!

Spoiler Alert For Batman: The Murder Machine Follows


I don’t think Cyborg Batman is there to help Cyborg. From the murder of Alfred to the death of Earth -44’s Cyborg, Earth -44 was amazing. A.I. Alfred was a step never thought of on Earth-0. Bruce faces the same struggles with Alfred’s death as Speedster Batman faced when he ripped the Speed Force from Earth -52’s Flash.

The idea of A.I. Alfred, in theory, was one of Bruce’s better ideas. Although he created him out of grief, the concept of someone to continue helping Bruce while he fought crime was great. Unfortunately, the execution was a little off. But what did Bruce do to make The Alfred Protocol turn on him? As he said, he was still in his blind spot. After multiplying and killing all of Batman’s rogues, A.I. Alfred was locked out of the Batcave. We know he planned on letting the virus into the Batcave to fix it, but what made it fight Bruce? I guess we may never find out, as the next issue is set to follow the Green Lantern/Batman duo.

We are finding out more that The Batman Who Laughs is behind all of the unification of the Dark Multiverse Batmen, and these Batmen are awesome. The way the Doomsday Batman just grabbed and slammed down Cyborg was crazy. But we’re also getting a glimpse at what may be a hierarchy within the Dark Multiverse Batmen. Already, we’ve seen that the Batman Who Laughs is second only to Barbatos, but is Cyborg Batman third in line? We see that he orders the others to “subdue” Cyborg, and they obey.

But the biggest question there is lays in the final two pages of this issue. What did the Batman Who Laughs do to Cyborg? And is Earth-0 now transformed into what we see on the final page, or is this the next Dark Multiverse Earth we will be visiting?

My assumption is that this is the new Earth-0, and that the Watchtower was transformed into what it is now when the Batman Who Laughs did what he did to Cyborg. The best option for Cyborg would be death. One Cyborg has already been brutally killed on Earth -44, but maybe just one death isn’t enough. If Cyborg of Earth-0 was killed, it would offer much more of a reason for the League to unite once more and fight off Barbatos. The death of Victor would impact the entire League, the Teen Titans (whenever they are returned to normal), unite the two teams in the search for the Trinity, and destroy the Dark Multiverse once and for all.

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