Danny Elfman Teases Inclusion of Iconic John Williams Superman Score

Superman fans can rejoice to know that composer Danny Elfman has not forgotten the things which are synonomous with the iconic hero. In a recent Billboard interview, Elfman provides insight on what it’s like to compose for Justice League and how it displays his influences along with his own twists in his scores for the film.

A notable point Danny Elfman made about his score was the point on how John Williams has been an influence in his work for Justice League. Elfman goes on to explain,

I also had two minutes where I had the pleasure of saying, “Let’s do John Williams’ Superman.” and that for me was heaven, because now I have a melody to twist, and I’m using it in an actually very dark way, in a dark moment. It’s the kind of thing that some fans will notice. Some won’t. It’s a moment where we’re really not sure whose side he’s on.

Elfman’s statement has sure as hell got me excited to hear his own version of such an iconic theme, especially in the context in which he is describing it in.

We can speculate on Elfman’s comment to imply Superman’s return may not be so heroic or possibly the idea of Superman lives on beyond his death. Regardless of what the inclusion of the melody means, it is truly amazing to know that aspects from these iconic characters are being included in order to diversify these characters and make them unique in any way possible.

Elfman also comments that working with Joss Whedon has always been a joy, and that Joss truly understands the fans and what they love so much about these characters. While Elfman couldn’t make a theme for every character, Elfman goes on to explain that characters such as the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman have their own “motifs” in the score.

There are only 50 more days until Justice League releases and we are only learning positive things from the production along with this news as well. I am definitely excited to hear what Danny Elfman has in store for us, how about you guys? Leave a comment in the post!

Source: Billboard

Author: Raymond Benitez-Toler

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