Suicide Squad #26 Review

After escaping Mr. Freeze and his winter wonderland, the motley crew of heroes and villains must face down Poison Ivy and the recently-turned Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. This issue shows that heroes can come from some of the most unlikely places.

Although the Gotham Resistance story arch has stretched over three different comic lines, and will end in a fourth line, the continuity seems to be stellar. The only issue I can find with this is that some minor details of artwork are different. That is to be expected with different artists drawing the same characters, but those details are fairly small and definitely unimportant.

The issue teases more about the Batman Who Laughs and his Dark Robin. Nightwing continues with his visions, but still has no idea of his importance in the entire Dark Nights: Metal event. Overall, this is a great tie-in which tells of the fight against the Batman Who Laughs for Gotham. It would behoove you to pick yourself up a copy today. And be sure to stop by Geek Motivation’s Twitter page to stay up-to-date on all the latest and greatest news of superhero movies, comic books, and more!


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