The Flash #31 Review

With the end of the Bloodwork story arch comes the end of Barry Allen’s personal story arch. After forcing Bloodwork to expand and take over more of Central City, The Flash finds a way to save the city, despite his Negative Speed Force powers. This issue is a roller coaster of emotion as happiness fades to sadness then to happiness again. New issues are in store for The Flash, but luckily, he has some good people by his side.

The artwork in this issue depicts The Flash a little more strangely than before; more sick-looking. With the Negative Speed Force coursing through his veins, there is a visible difference in Barry. It really seems to be taking a toll on Barry, although it’s possible Barry himself has no idea.

Bloodwork, for all the build-up, was worth it. Although he could have been more powerful, Bloodwork makes a great addition to The Flash’s rogues gallery. New twists are in store for Barry, and hopefully he can learn to control the Negative Speed Force soon. Be sure to check back with Geek Motivation on Twitter for all your superhero needs!

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