Gotham: A Dark Knight 4×02 Review (The Fear Reaper)

WARNING! Spoiler Review for GOTHAM.

Gotham Season 4 has kicked off with a hot start. This season features Bruce Wayne doing vigilante work and the Scarecrow as the main villain.


The episode opens up with the GCPD arriving at the warehouse where the criminals from last week’s episode were holding Johnathon Crane hostage. They arrive to an empty house that must smell horrific from the fear gas materials. Jim notices a scarecrow twitching outside. He goes outside with Bullock and sees that it is one of the criminals who screams in fear about Scarecrow!

Bruce is in jail after falling in on a robbery in the last episode. He explains that he was looking for Selina and fell in on the robbery to Jim. Scarecrow arrives at Arkham Asylum and runs into the warden, who he sprays with fear gas. The warden fears clowns and goes on a killing spree. He gasses a bunch of crazies in the prison to be his army.

Oswald goes to the GCPD for info on the attackers against him. Jim and Oswald get into a conversation, where Oswald insults Jim’s record of helping people then Bullock insults him by calling him a chicken.

Cat and Tabitha are at a new building where they run into Barbara who is alive. She owns a gun store that she plans to make tons of money off of Penguin’s license. She wants Tabitha and Cat to join, but they leave.

Bruce goes out for a mission, but Alfred refuses to go with him because he doesn’t want to see him get shot. The GCPD receives word about the asylum issue, but only Jim goes to handle it. Even Bullock rejects the prospect of going with him and losing the trust of all these cops. At the asylum, Crane recognizes Jim and sets several traps for him. Finally, Jim gets gassed by Crane and sees Lee in a bath filled with blood. He almost commits suicide, but stops himself.

Oswald meets with Barbara to discuss tax on her goods which he forces on her. He also yells at Ivy again. Bruce is tricked by a group of criminals who unmask and almost kill him, if not for his quick thinking and Alfred. Jim uses water to negate the effects of the fear toxin. Oswald wins over all the cops by tripling their pay roll to work for him. Lucious drops by and gives Bruce a new suit. Tabitha tests Barbara’s loyalty by almost chopping off her hand. Ivy steals some strength potions from a shop. Jim plans to ask for Falcone’s help in taking down Penguin.

Lots of crazy things happened in the episode. Jim got one step further against Oswald. Scarecrow is currently…. unexplained. Nygma is still in the ice cube. Barbara is alive and well. Scarecrow himself wasn’t super scary, but the fear gas effects were extremely well done. Seeing the clowns mess with the warden and Lee in a blood bath was brutal. Bruce continued his journey by learning some harsh lessons. The next episode will feature the return of Don Falcone.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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