Beginners Guide On How To Start Reading Comics

Superheros. They are at the forefront of pop culture and more prevalent than ever at this time in our society. With the MCU(Marvel Cinematic universe) and DECU (Dc extended Universe) now at the helm of a long line of movies every year,comics have become a main stay within our culture. However, to the average person or someone who is looking to start reading, it can be daunting. Almost 80 years of history with multiple timelines, continuity issues and so many characters to choose from, comics can be a scary thing. But never fear, I am here to break down how to start reading comics in a couple of ways

1. Let us start with the first obvious way to start reading. Just jump in. A lot of times, the best way to start understanding it is to just jump into it. That is actually how I started reading. Note that if you try this way, make sure you understand the background of the characters you want to read about. For example, if you want to start reading Batman comics, know Batman’s basic background and his biggest villains (Joker,Bane, Two Face etc.). Also make sure that you go to your local comic store or online to look at and preview the comic! Once you start reading, you will start learning all the terms and nuances with the comic industry!

2.The next way to start reading is to go to your local comic store and ask for help. A lot of times, people just need a guide or some advice on ways to read. Going to your local comic store and asking for some help may be the route you want to go. That way, you have someone to guide you through the process. They have a good insider’s view on what is great to start reading now and what material you should read before you start reading main issues. They are also great because establishing a good relationship with your local comic store is crucial as you will learn that they will make life so much easier purchasing.

3. Another way to start can be to start with the basics. This method just requires to do a little research on your own. Start by researching what are the most essential story arcs for the character you want to read. For instance , If you want to start reading Batman comics, do a little research and you will find that stories like The Killing Joke  and Death In The Family arcs are crucial to the Batman. Just as a heads up, this method is the most time consuming, but is the most rewarding as you get to learn all about the character. Once you knock out the basic and most well known stories for it, then you can go into reading whatever is current for them.As there are many ways to go about reading comics, this is probably the best advice I give to people who wanna start reading. Don’t be scared. The comic community is always ready to love new readers. Go to your local comic store and start today!

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-Akhil Modali

-Twitter handle @Indianparker

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