Blade Runner 2049 Spoiler-Free Review 

After 35 years of waiting, we finally got a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Now we must ask if this belated sequel holds up to the original sci-fi epic.

Set 30 years after the events of the first movie, Blade Runner 2049 tells the all-new tale of a blade runner named “K” (Ryan Gosling) who’s search for renegade replicants turns into a journey filled with secrets, corruption, and tragedy. His new investigation points him towards a disgruntled blade runner, Deckard (Harrison Ford). Deckard helps K in his endeavor while also making some discoveries of his own.

I was shocked by the acting of this movie. When Ryan Gosling was first announced to be in this film, I thought it was kind of a weird casting choice. I guess I just didn’t see him as a fit for a Blade Runner character, but I couldn’t have been any more wrong. Gosling does a phenomenal job with his character by giving very intense and believable performances. But Gosling isn’t the only star of this movie. Much like the first movie, all of the actors in Blade Runner 2049 give astounding performances that make each character unique in their own way.

Another huge surprise of Blade Runner 2049 was the plot. When most franchises return after a chunk of time, the sequels usually just rehash the plot of the original and spend the greater part of the movie feeding the audience pure nostalgia with little to no originality or nuance. This movie does not do that all. Denis Villenueve took all of the aesthetic elements that made the original Blade Runner so great and built upon that with an entirely new story. Villenueve expands this world with new complex themes and perspectives that I have never even thought about. The rich symbolism and metaphors make this movie worth multiple watches. I was also surprised by the writing done for these characters. I did not expect to get so invested and connected to these characters.

Blade Runner 2049 continues the tradition of mixing mind-melting visual effects with a visceral score. My only complaint is that the music isn’t utilized as well. Some scenes in the movie do not feature any music at all. There were a few moments that would have been even more intense if the futuristic techno music was incorporated.

Denis Villenueve’s take on this legendary sci-fi is amazing in almost every category, just like the original. For films in the future, studios need to take notes on Blade Runner 2049.


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