Idris Elba Wants A Larger Role In The MCU

Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres in less than a month. Within the pantheon of characters that will show up in the movie, it is important to remember how we got to this point. In the first Thor, we were introduced to Heimdall, played by the wonderful Idris Elba. While his role was minor in the first and second Thor movies, he will be getting a little more to do when Hela comes to town in Ragnarok.

Since that first Thor Movie, Elba’s name has spread throughout Hollywood. You can find him in at least 2-3 big blockbuster movies a year, and that amount continues to grow.

While answering questions from an Entertainment Weekly reporter, he stated that he wished he could be a bigger part of the MCU or another superhero. Elba said:

I wish I was more present in the Marvel family. I like what I have, but I also wish that I had a bigger character in the Marvel universe. It’s been great, but I kinda think I need a bit more. I want to be a superhero. I like the idea of that.

Personally, I think he is the perfect candidate for being John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie that will be in the DCEU. Many also believe that if MCU could find a way to put him in Black Panther, it would be a great fit. What do you think of his comments? Lets us know!

Written by: Akhil Modali

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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