Supergirl 3×01 Review (Girl Of Steel)

WARNING! Spoiler for Supergirl season 1-3.

Supergirl has returned from its summer hiatus. When we last saw Kara and friends, she said goodbye to Mon-El after using a lead bomb to disperse the Daxamites. Mon-El escaped in a pod and Kara was left in distress. Alex Danvers proposed to Maggie Sawyer. The finale for season 2 ended with a flashback to Krypton’s destruction. It turns out that a third pod left Krypton holding someone who would “reign”.


The episode starts with Kara walking through a field. She is with Mon-El and her mother. She wakes up and stops a car chase as well as saving Alex and Maggie from being shot by a machine gun. We see a room full of business folks including James, Lena and a new guy, Morgan Edge. Edge and Lena clash as he brings up her family’s history. Cat Grant is now press secretary of the White House and answering questions for the President. James isn’t fond of Mr. Edge but he and Kara are shocked when he reveals his desire to buy CatCo on TV. Kara goes to see Lena, who shows no animosity or disdain toward Kara. It’s actually Kara who has rejected Lena’s requests for brunch due to being busy. Kara goes after one of the guys who escaped the car chase earlier. He is ex military and Kara arrives at a base he worked at. She’s attacked by lasers from a cloaked ship. She then receives an alert from one of the emergency devices she gave James Olsen. She quits her job after he tries to convince her to be Kara Danvers. Lena visits the sexist Morgan Edge but after she leaves, the man who attacked Kara with the lasers arrives. They’re working together. Alex tries to talk Kara to get back into her job but she keeps insisting that she isn’t human, she’s better than that. The next day is the Girl of Steel statue unveiling. John talks to Kara giving her great advice. Alex talks to Maggie about the fear of not having her father able to walk her down the aisle. A girl runs into Alex and her mom forces her to apologize. They unveil a silver Supergirl statue but soon there is a loud explosion. There are no traces, but Kara uses her smarts to figure out that the missiles are underwater. She dives underwater but one missile is able to make contact near the side of the shore. Ruby, the daughter of the woman who made her apologize to Alex, is trapped under something. The woman lifts it up saving her daughter. Supergirl lifts up the raft but not before having a vision of Mon-El taking her to wake up. She goes to see Lena who reveals that she bough CatCo. Edge arrives but Supergirl takes him to a shipment and tells him that she knows what he is doing. Alex asks John to walk her down the isle. They both almost tear up. Kara finally goes to the bar again with her friends. We see Kara’s mom in the dream field but it starts to corrupt and she turns around revealing a demonic face. We then see the lady who saved her daughter wake up from that nightmare.


This episode of Supergirl did a great job with the effect of Mon-El leaving on Kara. She felt like a different character, darker, silent, and feeling less human and more like she is better. The introduction to the woman who saved her daughter from being pinned down was done quickly and well. Alex and Maggie’s wedding is coming up, although it may not go through which would upset Sanvers fans. The opening intro title card is different from last season. It helps set the tone for a darker, more serious show. Cat Grant had some hilarious references in the episode, when she talks about how the President believes global warming is real and how she also believes 2 + 2 = 4 and that the world is round because she’s not an idiot. I think we all know who that’s referencing. Winn makes a Fast and Furious reference when he mentions how cool Kara’s car chase was, very furious and very fast.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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