The Flash 4×01: Recap And Review

The Flash made its big return Tuesday night! 

Season 3 of The Flash was an up and down season. It had a lot of rough patches along the way, but ultimately it held together. This new season, seems like it may follow that trend.

The first episode of season 4 opened with “Team Kid Flash” protecting the city from the ever-growing meta-human threats. In the midst of Barry’s absence, Iris is now leading the team. This was a fun view of the character.

We haven’t gotten to see her as a leader very much. The first two seasons, she was a damsel in distress, the third season saw Iris as a take charge member of the team. This new season sees her as a full fledged leader of the team (might as well call it “Team Iris West”).

Cisco was classic Cisco. As usual, his comedic lines hit every time, but when you needed him to be serious and be a team player, he was there, ready for the action. He and Wally have a new partner dynamic going on, and I like it. I hope to see the duo more as the season goes on.

Wally was so much fun to watch. I love his character so much. I’m so glad they gave him enough time to be fleshed out over the course of the back half of season 3.

I’m hoping to see him take on a leadership role as the season continues. Also, it was a nice nod to see him dressed as The Flash.

Speaking of The Flash, welcome back Barry! When he returned unexpectedly, it was like a breath of fresh air! We could all sleep knowing he was okay. It was good to see him back, and a good story element to see him confused and disoriented from the speedforce.

What a wonderful return when Iris was in danger, saving her at the last moment! It was great to see a new suit as well. It was a refreshing change, and I’m excited to see where future iterations take the suit.

So, in this review, I decided to save the worst for last. Caitlin Snow. What a wonderful character in seasons 1 and 2, and what a boring character in the back half of season 3 and so far in season 4. This was by far one of her worst episodes.

Her one liners were terrible, her action felt too fake, and just when I had thought we were rid of Killer Frost for a little while, she is now a hulk style villain, saying to an enemy, “I’m getting frosty, you won’t like me when I’m frosty.” What a terrible use of Danielle Panabaker’s talents.

This was an alright season premiere. It was fun, interesting, surprising, but couldn’t handle its comedy well, falling short a few times in that field.

I give this episode a 7.5/10

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the premiere? Why or why not? Let us know down in the comments below! For more Information on The Flash, and all things comic related, follow me @imtylersiedell , and as always, @GEEKMOTIVATION

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