Victor Garber To Leave Legends Of Tomorrow

Victor Garber’s Martin Stein has been the backbone of the Firestorm matrix since he showed up alongside Ronnie Raymond in The Flash. Since then, he’s taken his new counterpart, Jefferson Jackson, and joined the Legends in the time travel show Legends of Tomorrow. But now it’s time for something new. Victor Garber is leaving Legends of Tomorrow.

There’s been speculation towards Garber’s exit for quite some time now, but the speculation has finally come to fruition. Due to Garber’s taking a part in the Broadway musical Hello Dolly, he must leave the show to focus on that. He may still show up occasionally, but it will definitely be infrequent, as he could only do it when he gets a chance to leave New York City to film an episode in Vancouver.

What does this mean for the character Firestorm? I have three theories. The first is that Stein and Jax get stuck when they fuse together. It’s a possibility. They’ve been stuck apart before, so why not change it up for a little while and have them be stuck together. This also gives Garber a chance to do voice work for the show if they don’t want to write him out completely, assuming his schedule gives him the time to do the work.

The other two theories have the same general premise, but are slightly different. The first of these theories goes as follows: during the Legends’ travels, they encounter another person that is able to fuse with Jax in the Firestorm matrix. This person would go on to become the new second half of Firestorm. The second theory in this vein is the Legends’ not finding just any person, but specifically running into a living version of Ronnie Raymond. Jax fuses with him and the two of them become the new Firestorm. It’d surely be interesting to see who’s body becomes the body of Firestorm in the show.

Or, you know, they could just write Firestorm out of the show altogether. But I don’t see them doing that. People generally like Jax and Stein.

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Source: Deadline

Lief Brandgard


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