Arrow S06E01: Fallout – Recap & Review

After a great story arc full of twists and action, the CW’s Arrow is back with its sixth season. The team is back to what they do best: protecting the city they live in and love, but trouble will of course find its way back to them. Here is a review on the season premiere titled Fallout.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

arrow season 6

Plot Summary

Five months after the cliffhanger in the fifth season finale, Oliver Queen and the survivors of the Lian Yu bombing are back to their normal routine in Star City. However, an old familiar face returns to bite them in the back as they learn about what really happened after the island was detonated.


We all thought there would be no more flashbacks after the show’s fifth season, but we were wrong. In Fallout, we go back to the events of the finale. That is, we visit the aftermath thereof and hopefully we get nothing else in future episodes. While watching this episode, fans learn that a lot of Team Arrow’s members–allies included–have survived, however one character is put in a coma and one of the least known characters is deemed deceased.

With that said, protagonist Oliver Queen is taking steps to becoming a better father to his son William. One character tells Oliver, “You and I walk between two worlds, but we can only do that for so long.” A superhero may try to juggle a normal, civil life with a life of vigilantism, but this does not come without obstacles and difficulties. The end of the episodes corroborates this as Oliver is faced with yet another problem.

Mental illness becomes another theme as both one of Oliver’s closest friends and William experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or some type of trauma from the island’s explosive tragedy. We learn that time mends all wounds, albeit healing may need to take more than five months.

Overall, this episode is a neat start to the season, and hopefully it does as well as Season 5 has. (Here’s wishing the showrunners have learned from Season 3 and 4’s mistakes.)


Easter Eggs and References

  • Quentin Lance says, “We both know that this parallel universe crap is crap!” This is a reference to the Infinite Earths concept that started in The Flash Season 2’s story arc, which disseminated into Arrow.
  • Channel 52 – the Arrowverse’s usual reference to DC’s revamp/ relaunch of comic books titled New 52

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Written by: John Tangalin


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