Gotham: A Dark Knight 4×04 Review (The Demon’s Head)

Warning: Spoilers for Gotham season 4!

Gotham season 4 has kicked off to a fantastic start. They’ve developed the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline. They’ve reintroduced characters in new ways.


Bruce goes to a Doctor who specializes in historical artifacts. He leaves the knife with him and his grandson, Alex. Ra’s Al Ghul shows up and kills the Doctor. Ed is busy searching for the best riddle to go against the Penguin and he decides that he’ll kill him tonight. Ra’s and Barbara meet with Anubis an insane man who acts like a wolf and his owner. They are to track down Bruce. Sophia Falcone talks with Penguins about returning to Gotham. Bruce and Jim interrogate Barbara but Jim didn’t want Bruce to follow. They go to find Alex but are attacked by Anubis. They escape but Jim and the two teenage boys don’t go to the GCPD. They go back to museum and find the knife. Ed sends two guys to Oswald with a rap riddle that Oswald solves incorrectly. Ra’s Al Ghul pretends to be a minister for Nanda Parbat to fool Jim but Alfred arrives and punches him. Jim saves Bruce and Alex from Anubis but Ras arrives holding Alex at knifepoint. He kills Alex after Bruce refuses to give him the knife. After Ed’s second riddle goes unsolved, Oswald manipulates Ed into thinking how he is not the same Ed he used to be. Sophia and Jim meet up at the end to talk about Gotham and kiss.


Bruce continues to make mistakes in his journey to becomes Batman. From being overconfident, letting people die, to letting Barbara know that he knew of Ra’s. Oswald continues to manipulate more people.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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