Titans Casts Ryan Potter As Beast Boy

Good news has released regarding the casting of the iconic character, Beast Boy, for the live action adaptation of the Teen Titans. The actor cast for this role is none other than Ryan Potter.

Ryan Potter is no stranger to the superhero genre due to his major role in Big Hero 6 where he voices the main character, Hiro Hamada. Ryan also has shown his skill in live action films such as Underdog Kids and Throne of Elves. Not only does Ryan have the skill to be in this role, we cannot deny that he sort of has the look of Beast Boy too, which is a major plus in casting such an iconic character. While Greg Cipes has been voicing the character in the animated versions, it will be interesting to even hear his voice which will be a major change to the character’s portrayal. Greg Cipes’ voice of Beast Boy has become synonymous with the character, so hopefully it will be a nice breath of fresh air when we finally see Potter’s portrayal.

Titans has already found actors for the characters Starfire, Raven, and Dick Grayson. We can expect Titans to premiere on an upcoming DC streaming service which will provide loads of content that we can all geek out over.

Source: IGN

Written By: Raymond Benitez-Toler

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