Stranger Things Season 1 Review 

The second season of this Netflix favorite is just around the corner. So let’s use what’s left of our hype to take a detailed look at season 1.

Set in a small town in the 1980’s, Stranger Things tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of a local boy. As the boy’s friends and family search for him, more mysteries start to unravel. With everything from a weird girl with super powers to government conspiracies, Stranger Things is filled with all kinds of scary adventures.

The world of Stranger Things is incredibly immersive and fun. For the most part, the show does a great job at using the 80’s as a setting and not a gimmick. The techno music and authentic set design make this show look like it could have actually been made in the 80’s. The classic sci-fi and horror ambiance are very reminiscent of E.T. and The Thing.

Stranger Things has some truly impressive writing. The story is well organized by splitting different elements of the overall plot across the multiple character arcs. The writing also succeeds in creating fun and unique characters. This show has so many intriguing characters that it’s hard to pick a favorite. What makes these characters even better is the acting. The performances are totally believable in both serious and comedic moments.

The problem with Stranger Things is in its pacing. There were countless times when one perspective of the story would get really intense, then switch to a very slow moment from another perspective. This problem is especially noticeable when one episode transitions into the next. There are also some episodes where characters repeat their actions or situations.

The poor pacing of this show keeps it from being the best series on Netflix, but despite that, Stranger Things is a great show for fans of 80’s sci-fi and horror.


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