Justice League’s Runtime Makes It The Shortest DCEU Film

With the Justice League movie right around the corner, fans are excited to sit and enjoy every minute of it. But this movie is reportedly shorter than any other movie in the DCEU.

The Justice League is DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s The Avengers, this being said it was assumed that this movie would be as long as possible in order for all the different stories to fit in the movie. Well it was just announced that the runtime will be 121 minutes (2 hours, 1 minute), which is currently the shortest DCEU movie to come out. To compare to the other DCEU movies, Suicide Squad was only slightly longer at 123 minutes, Wonder Woman being 141 minutes and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a runtime of 153 minutes.

Now some belive that Justice League intends to do what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did and include a lot of bonus scenes in the DVD release. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had an additional 31 minutes. Another idea is due to the change in directors from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon is that Whedon during his time trimmed a lot of what Snyder had director to cater towards his direction for the film.

Either way fans are excited for the movie to be released on November 17, making it one of the most anticipated comic book movies this year.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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