The Gifted S01E04: eXit strategy – Recap & Review

How far will you go to save your family, to save your future? Here is our review on The Gifted‘s fourth episode of its first season, titled eXit strategy.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

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Plot Summary

The Mutant Underground hatch a plan to break Lorna and Reed out from confinement of the Sentinel Services.

Meanwhile, John Proudstar/ Thunderbird confronts Sonya/ Dreamer about putting false memories into Clarice Fong/ Blink’s mind, and Polaris and Strucker work on settling their differences.


The fight between mutants and the normal human beings does not seem like it will end soon. Sonya reminds John Proudstar that “This is a war … in case you forgot.”

We learn that people will do just about anything for the ones they love. In Marcos Diaz’s case, we find him doing a favor for an old friend in exchange for some secret intel. He does this for the sake of Lorna’s life. Caitlin Strucker says that “Sometimes we have to take risks,” and for the Sentinel Services, this means giving the mutants a taste of their own medicine.  We see one of their own turn against them somehow. For Caitlin, this means having to allow her children to partake in dangerous missions.

Overall, this episode of The Gifted was not too great, but it also was not too bad. I.e. it was good enough towards the end. It does–however–introduce a new character into the series, one who becomes part of the episode’s twist.

Easter Eggs and Trivia Facts:

Like father, like daughter – In this episode, we see Lorna make use of her electromagnetic manipulation abilities. While in custody, Lorna attempts to find metal objects as a means to escape from her imprisonment. This is similar to something her father Magneto had done in the X-Men films.


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Written by: John Tangalin

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