X-23 Spinoff Script In Progress

With Logan being one of 2017’s most successful movies, it’s no surprise that a spinoff is in the works. That doesn’t make it any less exciting though.

This spinoff will be focusing on Laura, referred to as X-23 in the comics, Logan’s young daughter. She played a very large role in Logan, not only being one of the few remaining mutant children who Logan and Charles had to bring to a safe haven in Canada, but also bringing out the soft, gentle, caring side of our titular hero.

The film was announced in a THR interview with James Mangold, Hutch Parker, and Hugh Jackman, the director, producer, and star (respectively) of Logan.

“Patty [Jenkins’] success with [Wonder Woman] only solidifies more for studios that there’s less to fear with a female protagonist,” says Mangold. “The more that keeps getting hit home, that ends up giving me more space turning around and going, ‘Well here we are with a female protagonist. That’s incredible. And what are we going to do with her?’ And that’s where we are with that [the Laura script] right now, dreaming.”

While we don’t know anything more about the movie currently, it sure is exciting that we’re getting such a film. What will we see of Laura? Will she join up with the few fellow mutant children to form a sort of New X-Men? Or will the movie be much more focused on her following her own path instead of walking in the footsteps of her father. We’ll have to wait and see! 

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Source: Collider

Lief Brandgard

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