Director Gareth Evans In Talks to Helm Deathstroke Solo Movie

After over a year of knowing of actor Joe Mangeniello’s involvement as Deathstroke in the DCEU, the skilled mercenary is finally getting his own movie. Warner Brothers and DC Comics have entered into talks with director Gareth Evans, who previously pitched an idea for DC’s Justice League Dark. According to TheWrap, Evans is only in the early stages of talking to Warner Brothers.

Not much is known about the Deathstroke film, however, it is safe to assume he will be introduced in some way before the films release. Originally, Ben Affleck wrote Deathstroke into the Caped Crusader’s solo adventure, but the new director and writer Matt Reeves scrapped everything Affleck put together and is building from the ground up. Zack Snyder also placed Deathstroke in Justice League, but with such a short run time and so much story to tell, there is a chance the assassin was cut from the theatrical release altogether.

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Source: TheWrap


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