GM Recommended Reading: Venomverse 

So what’s better than one Venom? How about an entire multiverse of Venoms! In the new series, Venomverse, that’s exactly what we get. (Spoilers)

In Venomverse, our famous anti-hero Venom is teleported to strange new world. In this world everything is taken over by a new enemy called The Poisons. The Poisons are small alien creatures that take over the Klyntar (aka the symbiotes), but in the process kills the host. Now Eddie Brock won’t be taking on these dangerous enemies alone. When teleported to this world, Venom is met by other versions of Venom. Some include venom versions of Captain America, Deadpool, Wolverine, Doctor Strange and many more. They must come together to beat The Poisons. This story includes amazing fights between heroes, explosions from a venom Rocket Raccoon, and even your favorite homicidal maniac Carnage!

The series was written by Cullen Bunn who wrote Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. Bunn’s writing adds both serious and comedic elements in his writing, whether it’s Peter Parker discussing dying with Aunt May or Deadpool making a fart joke, Bunn puts a lot of thought into his writing. There are some really good moments in the series where the outcome is not how you think it would normally go with some good twists throughout the story. Overall, Cullen Bunn did an amazing job in Venomverse.

The art is done by Iban Coello who has done a lot of work for titles such as Deadpool, World War Hulk, Captain America and the Mighty Avengers and many more. Coello was tasked with taking classic heroes and giving them a venomized, symbiote look. He did fantastic, not only giving everyone sharp teeth, but he also made each symbiote unique. For example, Wolverine’s hair was given white accents from the symbiote, or Rocket Raccoon had a white paw print on his chest instead of a typical spider found on most of the others. Making symbiotes is not the only task Coello had. He also had to make this post-apocalyptic world the story takes place in which Coello tackled very well. Just like the symbiotes, The Poisons have a very unique look.   

Venomverse is a great read with outstanding art and an amazing story that will have you wanting more. I would give this story a 7/10! Pick it up today.

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