Gotham S04E06: Hog Day Afternoon – Recap & Review

While pigs don’t fly, their faces just get worn by policemen. Here is a review of the season’s sixth episode titled Hog Day Afternoon.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

gotham hogs

Plot Summary

Detective James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock investigate a string of homicides brought upon by a man wearing a pig mask.

Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot/ Penguin has Victor Zsasz keep tabs on Sofia Falcone as his suspicions for her grow. Edward Nygma has Butch Gilzean/ Solomon Grundy fight in a wrestling ring for money to help restore his intellect, but at the same time encounters an old ally that may give him what he needs.


This episode showcases the return of a great character. This just comes to show that citizens will have a love-hate relationship with the city of Gotham. One can either leave or face the troubles that occur around them.

We also learn a bit more about Harvey Bullock’s development of this season in this episode. While running the Gotham City Police Department, he had been doing some behind-the-scenes work of his own.

Overall, this episode of Gotham does well without the inclusion of prominent characters like Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, or Selina Kyle. Instead, we focus more on Penguin, Nygma, and Gordon. In addition, Hog Day Afternoon comes off as enjoyable albeit not having a major or well-known villain such as The Riddler, Joker, or Ra’s al Ghul committing any crimes. Lastly, we continue watching these characters find the balance between good and evil in a place like this.


Easter Eggs and References:

  • Lazlo Valentin/ Professor Pyg – The villain of this week’s episode first appeared in Batman issue #666 (July 2007). Gotham‘s version of the character is a serial killer who murders corrupt cops and covers their faces with the severed heads of pigs.


Was the villain of the week to your liking? What are your thoughts on the season so far? Let us know! For more Gotham-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin


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