Stranger Things S02E01: MADMAX Recap And Review

After almost a year and a half of waiting for the newest addition to the Stranger Things mythos, our favorite gang of monster hunters since Mystery Incorporated is back. The first episode starts with a scene that sets the tone for this season far away from the last one. In trekking through new territory, it’s evident that this season will open the series up to new possibilities, and of course, new mysteries.

Hawkins is bustling with life, Halloween is a day away, and the boys are gathering quarters to hit the arcade.

It seems The Duffer Brothers are well versed in what we all loved about the first season, with 80’s references galore, and a soundtrack that is sure to send nostalgic shivers up your spine. Speaking of shivers, this episode wastes no time in getting to the actual strange things these characters will encounter. With creepy teases and ominous tones, this season is promising to be action-packed and definitely scarier than the first.

The introduction of new characters is a total slam dunk, with Bob, played by Sean Astin, and Max, played by Sadie Sink. Familiar faces return with full force, excluding of course, fan favorite “Barb”, played by Shannon Purser. A gut wrenching scene involving her parents shows that she hasn’t been forgotten, and we just might get that #JusticeForBarb.

This episode is filled to the brim with Easter eggs, references, and homages to 80’s pop culture and of course, season 1.

Ending the episode on a very high note, you’ll definitely be scrambling to skip those credits and get right back into the rest of the season.

Written by: Andrew Valencia

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