3 Main Takeaways From Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Trailer

With all the buzz and hype surrounding Thor: Ragnarok this week, Marvel out of the blue just dropped a fantastic trailer for their PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man game. Insomniac games are helming it. Those are the folks that brought us incredible adventures like Sunset Overdrive and the very well received Rachet and Clank series. Here today in this article, I am going to talk about the 5 main takeaways from the trailer.

1. The Graphics: It looks amazing. In each shot of the trailer, the color of New York pops off the screen. Peter seems like you would expect, quiet but funny and full of life in the trailer. You can tell Insomniac Games is taking their time to put a special attention to detail. When the scene opens, this idea is in full effect. The water ripples are seen clearly and cut as if you are there, and each character looks like really life. From the dark spaces when Peter opens what we assume is his old apartment, to when he is doing his duties as Spider Man, with camera angles swing and following him as he webs along; and all of it looks terrific.

2. The Story: Now while we don’t know exactly what the story is. But, we can at least put together some key figures in the plot. To start, both Mary Jane and Peter show up in the trailer (Kinda obvious). Now we can speculate that eventually, they are going to have feelings for each other, but as of the trailer, it sounds as if they are just starting to get close. As the trailer opens, you get to zoom in on a newspaper. On the paper front page, you see the names, “Martin Li” and “The Shocker” both appear. Both are significant villains, With Li (aka Mr. Negative) being front center in the trailer. Mr. Negative is seen throughout the trailer; which makes it look like as he will be the primary villain of the game. It is also important to note that Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin) is seen getting locked up at the beginning of the trailer. Now we can’t say what happened, but it alludes throughout the trailer that this takes place after a significant event involving Spidey and Fisk. Next, in the character rotation, we get to see Norman Osborn as Mayor, which could mean a whole list of things; but we will just have to wait to see what role he plays (I hope at the end of the game, we get a Green Goblin tease). Finally, let’s not forget when Peter introduces Miles Morales! With all these major players from Spidey’s mythos in the game, it will be interesting to see what the plot of the game is.

3. The Gameplay: It looks fast and fluid. Now while the trailer doesn’t show the actual gameplay, it shows clear-cut fast-moving action. It seems as they are taking a couple of cues from Rocksteady’s amazing Batman Arkham series. It looks as if you can chain combos and attacks and use a variety of Spidey’s abilities. In the cutscene, we see what seems to be the “Spidey sense” in action, which could be a cue to set up quick time events. Also, it can’t be a Spider-Man game without using your webs around New York City! Now, while the trailer doesn’t show us that, it is more than likely that it will be a prominent feature in the game as small cutscenes show him swinging from building to building and attacking enemies. 

All in all, the game looks stellar! We cannot wait for another trailer and some gameplay. Let us know what you think at Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION).

Written by: Akhil Modali


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