The Flash 4×04 Review (Elongated Journey Into the Night)

Warning: Spoilers from The Flash season 4.

The Flash season 4 has gotten off to a rocking start.


The episode begins with Cisco and Gypsy kissing. Cisco asks Gypsy her name and she calls him Gypsy. Then, Breacher arrives an attacks Cisco. He picks him up and Gypsy comes back in the room. Joe and Barry are talking during Mayor Bellows’ reelection campaign. Barry brings up the word babies and Joe reacts awkwardly. Barry reveals that the bus driver died. Barry walks into Star Labs with Joe and meets Breacher. Breacher thinks that Cisco has Barry working for him. Cisco talks with Harry about meeting the dad of his girlfriend. They discover that Ralph’s Dibny gave the bus driver a card. The group decides to see the private investigator. Dibny is talks to a lady who’s husband has remarried and had kids. He flirts with her. On his door, the investigator word is crossed out and replaced with the d word. Barry and Joe ask Ralph if he was on that bus. He says he wasn’t on the bus. After Batty and Joe leave, two men arrive and hold him off the roof. He starts to stretch off the roof right as Barry and Joe walk by and notice. Iris walks into Star Labs and freaks out. Caitlin pulls off his hand. Ralph sneezes and his face stretches. Breacher says that he’ll hunt Cisco for the next 24 hours. Barry doesn’t believe that Dibny should be trusted. He labels their meta human chart: villains. Iris asks what happened between him and Dibny. Dibny was the lead detective in a one of Barry’s case. Dibny found a knife even with the lack of evidence. Dibny faked the knife and Barry busted him. Iris finds a bomb in Dibny’s office and Barry phases through the ground to escape. It turns out that there are 15 calls between mayor and Dibny. Cisco is sneaking around Star Labs. Caitlin gives Dibny a drink to fix himself. It temporarily fixes his issue. He can think what shape he wants to be and be it. The Mayor denies knowing Dibny. He admits that he made a mistake by cheating on his wife. Dibny had dirt on him unless he pays him. It turns out that Bellows is crooked and sent men after Dibny. Dibny is confronted by Barry who accuses him of extortion. Dibny says that he falsified the knife because he knew the guy was guilty and that he’s lost everything. Cisco comes out with a gun to attack Breacher. It was a hologram. He traps a Breacher in a force field. Breacher escapes. Joe brings over some drinks with Barry. Barry talks about how everything team Flash did was to help people. Two cops arrive to shoot Barry and as you can guess it goes badly for them. Breacher is looking for Cisco and sees Dibny and recognizes him as a plastoid which killed people on his planet. Dibny takes back his blackmail. The mayor shoots him but it doesn’t work. Breacher shoots at Dibny and Flash. Breacher is about to kill Dibny before Cisco stops him. The Mayor took Joe and has him in a helicopter. Barry reveals that he is the Flash and that he needs to save Joe. He stretches his hand out and Barry runs on it. He saves Joe and Joe reveals that Cecile is pregnant. Joe goes to Star Labs with a bunch of cigars. Cisco says goodbye to Breacher. He earns his hate and respect. Breacher reveals that he is Josh and Gypsy’s real name is Cynthia. Caitlin is walking in what I presume is her hallway of her apartment building. On her door is written “We miss you, come back soon”. Barry asks Ralph to come help him. Barry offers to call him Plastic Man. It turns out that DeVoe talked to Ralph and sent him after the Mayor. Barry flashes back to season 3 when Savitar and Abra Kadabra mentioned DeVoe.


This was an important episode and it developed an important character for the rest of the season. Ralph Dibny and Barry Allen are going to be an interesting dynamic. They’re gonna be best frenemies. Their friendship should be an interesting storyline this season. It’ll be interesting to see Dibny go from regular guy with powers to being a full fledged hero. I also love the slight hints that we get about Clifford DeVoe aka the Thinker. Team Flash is figuring things out fast.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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