Thor: Ragnarok Projected To Earn $400 Million Opening Weekend

There is no dispute that Thor: Ragnorok is probably one of the most anticipated films of the trilogy, and the box office projections are definitely showing it. Already the film is projected to earn $400 million in its first weekend! This is a positive change as the first film did not perform so well only earning $449 million worldwide and the sequel earning $644 million. With these projected numbers it could be safe to say that Thor: Ragnorok will probably be one of the highest grossing films in the MCU.

With this projection and with the fact that it has already earned $109 million internationally, we can hope that these numbers lead to universal studios working with marvel to create a standalone Hulk movie. Hulk is a major character in the upcoming film and hopefully Mark Ruffalos performance along with the films box office performance can finally convince the studios to cut to the chase and give us the Hulk film fans have been wanting. It also wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that the films tonal shift has contributed to the praise it has received which will definitely redefine what a Thor film can consist of.

Source: Deadline


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