Marvel’s New Warriors Will Not Air On Freeform

According to The Hollywood Reporter and their sources, the upcoming New Warriors comedy television series will not air on the Disney-owned Freeform. The network ordered the thirty minute, ten episode series way back in April of this year. Marvel is instead now shopping around for a new network that will air the live action take on the New Warriors comic.

The Hollywood Reporter states that New Warriors could wind up streaming on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, however, the article reports that is highly unlikely. In the meantime, production has halted until a new home is found for the series. It is expected to resume in January, so long as everything goes well in the search.

This move comes directly before Marvel Studios and Television parent company Disney released a report stating that Marvel can only lease properties to Disney-owned networks. How this report will affect the Netflix MCU remains to be seen. However, this mandate narrows the search for a new home for New Warriors if it is expected to be followed.

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Source: THR


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