Arrow S06E04: Reversal – Recap & Review

Felicity tries to go on a solo mission but runs into complications. Here is a review of the season’s fourth episode titled Reversal.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

Cayden James turns to the dark side, and it is up to Felicity Smoak and a member of the hacker group Helix to stop him.

Meanwhile, John Diggle and the team stop evil Laurel/ Black Siren from killing seemingly normal civilians.


This may not be a great episode, but we do see the repercussions of Felicity’s joining the dark side from last season.

There is lack of character development as we see Oliver stepping out of the office to go against what he promised his son William’s mother. He does not stay true to his word albeit he is only doing this to help Felicity.

Overall, fans can only hope that Season 6 can do better in future episodes. Perhaps Slade Wilson’s involvement in next week’s episode will up the show’s game a bit.


Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • Marvel namedrop – Curtis refers to evil metahuman Laurel Lance/ Black Siren as Black Widow. Perhaps this is a reference to the Marvel character of the same name, but this would mean that Marvel would exist in a DC world.

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Written by: John Tangalin


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