Jacob Batalon Wants Ned To Become A Classic Villain

The roster for the MCU continues to grow and it shows no sign of slowing down their progress. The introduction of new characters are sometimes held for surprise or even heavily exposed in the media. Jacob Batalon had the privilege to geek out with fans and made a comment which peaked the interest of many people. During New York Comic Con, Jacob explains that he wants his character from Spider-Man Homecoming to eventually turn into a villain and take on the mantle of who the character actually is in the Spider-Man Lore.

Jacob’s character, Ned Leeds is based off Ultimate Spider-Man character, Ganke Lee, who bares a striking resemblance to Jacob. However, Ned’s name is actually pulled from the Hobgoblins’ alter ego thus, the possibility of Ned becoming bad is not so far off. It would definitely be interesting to see the Hobgoblin introduced before the Green Goblin which personally I would not mind. It is a interesting concept which combines another Spider-Man’s friends with one of his foes that isn’t Harry Osborne.

Seeing Jacob play as an evil version of Ned would be definitely compelling to see considering the fact that we have not neccessarily connected with MCU villains at this kind of scale. It would be heartbreaking to see a beloved character turn bad but it could be what Marvel needs to create a compelling villain. Ned would definitely be a different villain for the best but so far we can only dream of this actually happening. We can expect Jacob to reprise his role in Avengers Infinity War and we can possibly see some development in his character.

Source: Inverse

Written by: Raymond Benitez Toler

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